‘Are You There Chelsea?’, ‘Awake’, ‘Bent’, ‘Best Friends Forever’ and ‘Harry’s Law’ Cancelled by NBC

'Are You There Chelsea', 'Awake', 'Bent', 'Best Friends Forever' and 'Harry's Law' Cancelled by NBC
Amid the flurry of renewals and cancellation announced earlier in the week by all of the major networks, NBC quietly passed out a handful of pink slips to some of their current programming.

The casualties include the sitcoms Are You There Chelsea? that starred Laura Prepon in the adaptation of the Chelsea Handler book; Bent, the overlooked comedy that starred Amanda Peet and David Walton and Best Friends Forever, the little-seen laugher that starred Lennon Parham and Jessica St. Clair. [Source: TV Line]

Meanwhile, the Kathy Bates drama Harry’s Law and the under-performing Jason Isaacs-led Awake both faced the cancellation axe and, unfortunately, perished. [Source: TV Line]

These five shows join a number of other series cancelled by NBC, including ‘Free Agents’, ‘The Playboy Club’, ‘Prime Suspect’ and ‘The Firm’. As always, it is sad to see shows get cut from the line-up; but when the ratings or interest level of the viewers just aren’t there, the network has no choice but to cancel.

Let’s hope the new crop of shows coming to NBC perform better.

  • Marleenandlouie

    NBC makes me to angry.  Cancelling Harrys Law!!! What a bunch of _____ I am so angry. It’s no wonder everyone is watching cable channels and not watching networks as we are so tired of being disappointed.  And now CBS cancelled Unforgettable.  Geez, I’m going to only watch AMC, TNT, etc and nuts to the networks ch 3-13.  Phooey

  • Shanleeohme

    Really?!?!?!  I just discovered BFF and LOVE it!  GRRRRR!

  • tnmc1018

    Harry’s Law is a great show with great writing. Just because it doesn’t fit the 18-40year old demographic- doesn’t mean they need to replace it with lame comedies in order to get viewers back to NBC. The show has been given the acclaimed mention of great writing- why take a show off that does have a good rating for other demographics in order to put comedies that are bound to fail! I’m 40 years old and we gather and watch the show because it makes us think and Kathy Bates is great. This isn’t going to help NBC because I don’t plan to watch NBC until they see they have a good show and refuse to see it. I also plan to have others across the country to stop watching NBC. I’m tired of networks canceling shows without giving people time to find them. I just started watching a tv show that’s been on for seven years and it’s great. It took me that long to realize it. Networks are too quick to pull the plug and when they do it’s on the good shows. We have enough talent singing shows on. How many winners actually are “famous” because they won the voice, or americas got talent. Where are they and why keep those shows on. I will do whatever I need to do to fight to keep Harry’s Law on!!! I will start a letter campaign and NBC will be reading how many people inside their beloved 18-40 demographic likes Harry’s Law!!! Get rid of reality and get some comedy and with some drama! Get rid of some dramas that are well beyond their expiration but keep comming back for some reason!! Yet, a great show gets the plug after 2 seasons- half of which was in hiatus which makes it harder to find the show and therefor killing the show. Yes, I know how networks move shows around to kill them. My friend works for Nielsons and she has told me how networks, if they want a show to not do so well- just put it on a Friday or put it in between al the poor shows in order to have people fight to find the show. If Harry’s Law is going to be saved its up to the viewers to write in and tell them their wishes!! Keep Harry’s Law on!!!!

    • Justyouandmekid101

      hopefully we can get another network to pick it up !!!!