TV Show Titles That Remind Me of Mothers

TV Show Titles That Remind Me of Mothers
In celebration of Mother’s Day, I thought this week it might be fun to look at TV show names that remind me of a mother and her life. I have purposely not included any of the really obvious ones which deal with actual mothers – Modern Family, Up All Night, Parenthood, etc.

The Finder, In Plain Sight, Missing, Eureka

All mothers have many talents. One of the prime ones appears to be the ability to find anything. The mustard may be in the front center of the refrigerator, but no one else in the house can see it, since it apparently is like a chameleon, able to camouflage itself from all other household members.

This ability extends beyond the house, however, and mothers can find anything on the internet or in a store too! How many times has Christmas been saved by a last minute emergency effort by mom to find that special gift?

The Closer

I know that comedians joke about this all the time, but moms seem to be the ones who have the duty of turning out lights and closing the doors left open. Closet doors, medicine cabinet doors, refrigerator doors, and yes, the front door to the house all seem to be only closeable by mom!

Awake, The Walking Dead

Anyone with children can relate to this one. Babies keep you up at night, not allowing uninterrupted sleep, turning sane adults into zombies. Once the children are a little older, a thunderstorm or some other fright can drive them into your bed in the middle of the night, where they invariably puke.

Of course, the fun does not end once they are too old to climb into your bed. Once they become teens, then you are unable to sleep as you lie awake worrying about them and waiting for them to come home so you can check their breath for alcohol.

Kitchen Nightmares, Burn Notice

Not every mom is a good cook, and even the good cooks have their bad meals and downright disgusting entrees. Then there are the disasters, such as a dropped pan of lasagna (5 second rule anyone?), or a half-eaten cake discovered just prior to the dog appearing with frosting on his whiskers.

White Collar

Laundry day – such fun! Baby clothes are impossible to get clean, stained with formula, strained vegetables, and poop. As children grow, well, add grass stains, ink and blood to the list. What amazes me is that any clothing for children comes in the color white!


Any mom that has made it to the end of a trip to a theme park with small children knows this feeling. Bonus points if your child is taking some kind of medication during the trip that needs a cooler to maintain the proper temperature, and a medal should be given if the child in question must be held down to administer the medicine in the middle of said theme park!

Doctor Who, Grey’s Anatomy

Dr. Mom is not just a convenient construct for TV commercials, but a reality. Medical degree or not, they treat all kinds of illnesses, whether they are suffering from the same malady or not.


A mom never goes anywhere alone, including the bathroom. Once the day arrives where they feel able to close the door, the little ones linger outside, pushing toys and other items under the door for mom. Children also have the uncanny ability to need mom just as she makes a necessary visit to the bathroom or answers an important phone call!

Then there are the trips to the store or mall, where a mom can be seen leading her flock of ducklings, some of whom may not even be her own!


Moms that know how to sew, and even ones that don’t, will invariably get sucked into at least making Halloween costumes. Learning by doing is made so much more fun by a deadline, and all nighters are not unheard of to finish that costume before the school parade!

Psych, The Mentalist, Medium

I’m sure everyone knows that moms are mind readers, so does this one really need any explanation? Yes, they know what you are thinking, which is how they are able to have exactly what you need, or are looking for, right there instantly! It’s a gift.

Once Upon A Time, Grimm

A mom worth her salt is well versed in fairy tales and fairy tale characters, ready to read to or tell a child a story at the drop of a hat. Extra credit if she can automatically switch between popular versions of fairy tales and classic versions.

Haven, Sanctuary

Home is the place that people, no matter their age, can turn to for solace, a place to go when the real world becomes too much. Moms make the home inviting by stocking and preparing favorite foods for family members, providing warm throws for winter night TV viewing, and making sure that everyone is comfortable and well cared for.

Being Human

Even moms need to cry sometimes. Tears of joy or tears of sadness, they don’t always share the reasons, and sometimes will have their cry privately. A hug at this time is very welcome!


A mom has to do what a mom has to do. Eventually that lovely school project created lovingly of cereal, becomes an attractive nuisance as ants and other vermin find it tasty. Other delightful finds around the house; under couches, beds, and behind dressers; also keep a mom busy chucking stuff out!

Person of Interest, Prime Suspect, Lie To Me

Another of my favorite mom skills is that of detective. Who broke the lamp? Who used the last of the toilet paper and did not replace it? Who “borrowed” her scissors or nail clipper, and where is said item at the current time when she actually needs it?

Rescue Me

Whether or not they want to admit it, every child at some points needs rescuing. Yes, learning to handle yourself in the world is part of growing up, but sometimes we need some help. Mom is always there to listen and help when the rest of the world abandons you.

Wonder Woman

Ah, a classic! Moms around the world are truly Wonder Women, as they take care of their families, putting their own needs second or third. Here’s a tip of the hat to all you great moms out there! Be sure to give your mom a big hug today!


So, there is my list. Do you have any to add? Any comments on the ones I included? Please sound off below in the comment section. And, Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms reading this!