Survivor: One World “Perception is Not Always Reality” Review

Survivor: One World Season Finale Perception Is Not Always Reality

Well, this is it everybody! Survivor: One World comes to an end tonight with “Perception is Not Always Reality”. I got my family around me, we’re all happily eating cake and drinks, and we’re ready for the big finale? Who’s going to win? Who’s going to get stabbed in the back? Read on to find out!

The girls returned from eliminating Tarzan last week and immediately started patting themselves on the back for having the final five be all girls. Now I haven’t gone through the trouble of actually researching this, but I do believe this is the first time in Survivor history that the last five players are all women. Considering how terrible the women were doing at first, the fact they were able to completely eliminate all of the men is pretty incredible.

So we get to the immunity challenge pretty quickly, and it was awesome. The last few challenges have just been repeats, but the challenge producers really went all out with this one! The cool balancing beam maze would have been enough, but then you add the knot untying on the ropes, the cool puzzle, and the combination at the end. Everybody at our viewing party was flipping out at the end. Good stuff.

Well, Kim wins the immunity challenge and ends up choosing to eliminate Alicia. I was a little split on this decision, as I think Chelsea is a much smarter decision as she’s a bigger threat in the final jury vote. It really does show much Kim’s emotions are getting to her this late in the game, as she simply seems to be closer to Chelsea at this point. That’s the only reasonable explanation I could deduce for why she kept her at this point. Interesting choice.

After the final four go on their little walk of remembrance, we get to the next immunity challenge. I was shocked that Christina was so close, as she’s been consistently terrible at challenges, but Kim was able to close it out and win her fourth individual immunity idol. As soon as she won and secured herself a spot in the final jury, I said out loud “So…I can just fast-forward to the end, right?” It seemed pretty cut and dry that Kim had both outplayed and outwitted everybody else, but I kept watching to fulfill my TV critic duties.

Well, after the girls enjoy a little feast together, we get right into the final tribal council. There was nothing really noteworthy from most of the opening statements and jury questions, although I did understand Kim’s strategy a little more after hearing her explanation. Her reason for not taking Christina and Alicia to the end wasn’t just because she’s better friends with Chelsea and Sabrina, but because she wants the jury to see that she’s confident enough to go into the final vote with the most competitive players by her side.

After the jury casts their votes, the winner is…KIM!!! Kim Spradlin wins Survivor: One World over Sabrina by a final vote of 7-2! She won the challenges, masterminded all the big moves, and definitely deserved it. Good season all around!

What did you guys think of the winner? Sound off in the comments section below!

Random Thoughts:

– My mom asked a very valid question tonight during our finale party. “When do they decide to blur out the contestants butts, and when do they decide to just leave it alone? There’s tons of times where we see a lot of butt, and they don’t blur it. How much butt is too much butt?” My dad quickly responded “Honey, a butt is like chocolate. You can never have too much butt.” My parents, everybody.

– Everybody at our Survivor party absolutely hates the little walk of remembrance that the contestants take when they reminiscence about the eliminated tribe members. They didn’t have one last season, and I missed it, but I think I’m the only fan. How do you guys feel about it?

– Jonas’ jury questions were the highlight of the night. Everything from insisting that everybody call him “Master Jonas” to calling Tarzan old and Chelsea hot…it was all gold. I heard a rumor that he might get his own cooking show about cooking in extreme situations, and I would totally watch that!