Nurse Jackie “No-Kimono-Zone” Review

Nurse Jackie Season 4 Episode 6 No-Kimono-Zone (2)

While I have enjoyed this season of Nurse Jackie, the episodes have started to feel a little formulaic. At some point, an interesting character will come through the door (this week’s winner was a plucky transsexual named Lana Hilton) and Jackie’s sobriety will be challenged. As a recovering drug addict, I would expect Jackie to deal with issues concerning her addiction, but the episodes are starting to seem a bit redundant. I get it, it’s tough to work in a hospital as a recovering drug addict.

In addition to Edie Falco’s usual great work, Bobby Canavale continues to shine. This week, I found myself enjoying the work of Mike Cruz even more, and not just because of his sexual appearance in Jackie’s Inception-style dream. His back and forth with Jackie has proved to be riveting throughout the season. It’s clear that Jackie has finally run into someone who is willing to call her bluff from time to time, but it’s also clear that Cruz doesn’t quite know what to make of her either. It doesn’t take Alan Sepinwall to realize that their mutual friend/son Charlie is going to prove to be a fork in the road of their relationship. For now, I guess we will have to be satisfied with The Case of the Empty File. Somebody get Laurel and Hardy on the case.

I remain disinterested in the custody proceedings. Jackie’s girls drag down the show anyway. I hope Kevin still wants them when they are rooster-blocking him from getting it on with his new lady friend.

While Cruz and Jackie were having their fun back and forth, Zoey absolutely killed it again this week. Though we know that Jackie will continue to add drama to the proceedings, it’s nice to follow Zoey around to lighten the mood a bit. As expected, the move-in with Jackie has yielded some really positive results. On a related note, I’m not sure what Jackie has against kimonos, but it’s clear that it’s personal.

It’s your turn. What did you think of this week’s edition of Nurse Jackie?

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