ABC Cancels GCB, Missing, Pan Am and The River

ABC Cancels GCB, Missing, Pan Am and The River

With the good comes the bad!

ABC finally broke their silence, making announcements on the shows they were renewing but now the gauntlet has been dropped with a quartet of TV shows receiving their pink slips.

Among the casualties at ABC are:

* GCB, the Ryan Starr sudser that starred Leslie Bibb and Kristin Chenoweth in a rip-roaring look at Dallas socialites who are now dealing with the return of the “Mean Girl” from their high school years together with wacky and overblown (albeit hilarious) results;

* Missing, the Ashley Judd vehicle, about a woman who is actually a former CIA spy, desperately seeking her kidnapped son;

* Pan Am, the period piece that focused on the stewardesses and pilots of the famed airline that, sadly, crashed and burned earlier in the season after what was a great start that fizzled by the end of its run; and

* The River, the creepy series that starred Bruce Greenwood, Joe Anderson and Leslie Hope in a tale about the search for a missing TV explorer along the Amazon that garnered a loyal but very small fanbase but never garnered the ratings to support further exploration.

It is always sad when shows get cancelled regardless of how well they are received and so we bid adieu to all of them. [Source: TV Line]