Blue Bloods Season 2 Finale “Mother’s Day” Review

Blue Bloods Season 2 Finale: "Mother's Day" (Season 2 Episode 22) (1)

Frank heads into work on a Saturday, presumably because he’s feeling sad about Mother’s Day because the mother of his children is dead. Lucky he’s there, because there’s going to be a terrorist attack on NYC. While it was cool to watch him puzzle out the fact that they were looking at the threat of a biological attack, shouldn’t the man from Washington just spelled it out from him immediately? If you have less than twenty-four hours to stop a major attack it’s really not the time to be vague.

I also understand that Frank couldn’t warn his daughter, granddaughter, and daughter-in-law of the potential of the deadly flu-virus when they called to tell him they were hoping on the subway, but couldn’t he have made something up to make sure they stayed out of harms way? Something annoying rather than dangerous, like a report that because of weekend construction people could be waiting hours for the subway and it would just make more sense for them to take a cab?

It seems almost strange that Jackie would continue to let Danny anywhere near a suspect with his habit of going for their throats, but at least this time he had more of a reason to attempt to bash the guy’s head in. His cold case was solved almost laughably quickly in this episode, but the fact that the mother didn’t just get closure, she got her little boy back made it seem ok. It was strange that his faux-mother was taking him out to the park though. Didn’t she worry someone who knew the boy and his real mother would spot them and report them?

It was nice to see Jamie and Danny reconcile, but even better was to get a glimpse into the background of their relationship. Knowing Jamie was much closer with their brother Joe, and that Danny had been tough on Joe really explained the tension between Danny and Jamie. It makes sense that closing a case together would bring them closer, but after the physical fight at work the resolution did seem a little too quick. Maybe its swiftness just illustrates how much sway Danny’s wife has over him, I don’t think he would have suggested Jamie come along with him on his bust if she hadn’t suggested they build another bridge.

The threat of terrorism was also wrapped up quickly, but it’s not like there was much suspense their; Blue Bloods isn’t the kind of show that would allow an imaginary terrorist attack to actually play out. The lack of suspense there, however, was balanced by the tension of Frank’s consideration of retirement. It was a relief when he revealed he’d be staying on.

The family dinner, always a little corny with its heart to hearts and epic-graces really out did itself for the season finale. Each member of the family didn’t just know how to elegantly thank and pray for their mothers, they also knew exactly when one family member would end their prayer and who should pick up their trail of thought. Now that is an synchronized family.

What did you think of the season finale? Should Frank have stayed on or stepped down?