The Vampire Diaries “The Departed” Review

The Vampire Diaries Season 3 Finale The Departed (10)

When I said I kind of wished Elena would die, I didn’t think it would actually happen! ‘The Departed’ seemingly saw the end of Klaus when VampiRic staked him. Rebecca and Elijah decide that since Elena and VampiRic’s lives are linked, she’s fair game and they will have to kill her. They succeed, thanks to the death trap that is Wickery Bridge, but when Damon rushes to the hospital to see her body, Doc Fell has a surprise for him — when Elena fell ill earlier that day, she gave her vampire blood. The episode ends with Elena waking up, presumably as a vampire…

And yet that wasn’t even the craziest part of this episode. We also saw that Klaus’ death didn’t kill any of our beloved vampires, nor did it kill Tyler. Since Tyler is a direct creation of Klaus, we could have assumed this was down to him being part werewolf. But there’s a good chance none of them died because Klaus is actually still alive. How? Bonnie pulled an Esther and bodyswapped Tyler and Klaus. While this is good news for the Scrappy gang (yay, they live) and Klaus (yay, he gets to make out with Caroline), it’s decidedly bad news for Tyler. Since Klaus’ body burned up, he’s most likely dead-dead, leaving Klauswolf in his place. (Sidenote: but that sure is pretty real estate for Klaus to be holding.)

This is all without mentioning the awesome addition of a bit of retconning. Elena spends the whole episode thinking about how it was Stefan who came along first and saved her, etc, which I suppose is a fair point. But we get to see events from Damon’s point of view and not only did he meet Elena first that fateful night, he was anything but the egotistical son-of-a-bitch we met in the pilot episode. It looks like Damon’s been inadvertantly stepping aside for Elena/Stefan for much longer than we thought.

I’ve been skeptical about the Klaus storyline for most of the season and I still think parts of it dragged on far, far too long. That said, this season ended on a high. It’s brought a neat enough end to season three, laid out strong storylines to follow up on in season four, and dudes, holy crap, Elena’s probably a vampire now.

If I have one criticism of this episode, it’s that Elena needed a slap. Seriously. Danger! Peril! Klaus in a box and VampiRic on the rampage! So what does she think about? Her love life. Which is ridiculous enough, but I was willing to let that pass by the last third of the episode when the brothers Salvatore were possibly about to pop their clogs. And then came the phone call with Damon. Here’s a pro tip for you, Elena: if you’re on the phone with someone who is quite possibly dying and he asks if you would have come to him if circumstances were different, you say yes. Why? Because he would know that you’re lying but it would make him feel a little less forever alone. Sure, there was always the chance that he wouldn’t die and that would be awkward, but hell, you’ve been running on awkward for half a season. Why stop now?

I shouldn’t complain about that, though — Tywolf is alive (albeit as Klauswolf — yeah, I’ve got a couple months to think up a better nickname for him); Jeremy is alive; even Matt, our One True Human, is alive. Caroline may be making out with the wrong guy for the foreseeable future but at least he genuinely likes her (gotta look on the bright side). Even Elena gets to ponder which brother to choose for more than her allotted human lifespan, which should warm her angsty little heart. The only people who come out of this badly are Bonnie (seriously, Witchy B, people are gonna be pissed off) and Alaric (because, uh, he’s dead). Not a bad end to our third season in Mystic Falls, eh?

What did you think of ‘The Departed’ and season three overall? Have any speculation about season four? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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