The Secret Circle “Family” Review

The Secret Circle Family Episode 22 (12)

It’s sad that the best part of The Secret Circle was the very end of the season one finale. I’m not saying that in a bitchy way either; as much as I’ve disliked parts of this season, episode 1.20 ‘Traitor’ and this the end of this week’s episode, ‘Family’, were genuinely fantastic.

Why the end? Well, because up until then this episode was just too neat. That Charles’ mother could pass her power over to them so easily, that Charles was able to suck the demons out of Eben before the latter could attack him, the frankly horrible dialogue between Amelia and Diana’s mother (why was everything spelled out so explicitly? Both we and they knew what the conversation was about. We didn’t need exposition-dialogue when vague and emotional would have worked better). Then there were the many mentions of how much stronger they all are as a circle when, let’s be honest, the circle have only ever looked dangerous when performing solo magic (remember Faye back in the pilot episode?).

Then the ending came along and blew the rest of the episode out of the water. I’ve really grown to like Faye and Jake as a couple (and her telling him to move on last week was pretty awesome, but then she generally always is), and even Diana taking off with Grant wasn’t too bad (though I do worry about none of these kids ever graduating high school). Melissa arriving at Faye’s to find her ready for a night out with a bestie was super sweet. And then came the kicker — Cassie obviously experimenting with her dark magic, while Adam takes a – ahem – liking to the crystal skull. Good kids gone bad! Not to mention demonic!Charles surviving long enough for his mother to trap the demons inside his body a la ‘Heather’, and the four Blackwell kids ready to head into Chance Harbor.

So what could next season bring? Well it’s not stretch to assume the other Blackwell kids will be in town, probably at the school, raising hell. Will Cassie be joining them? It seems like a close run thing judging by the end of this episode, but more importantly, will Adam or the oft-volatile Faye get in with them? Will Diana be forced to come back to town to help bring her circle back together, for the good of the town and her friends?

Perhaps more importantly, given that this show loves its relationships, what will happen when there are four more characters all related to two of the circle? Because unless they’re going to continue with the Cassie/Adam angst — in which case this reviewer will need copious amounts of alcohol to get through it — and ignore the hints of possible Adam/Melissa, she’s out of love interests. Jake is back with Faye (and breaking them up now would make the last half a season ‘will-they-won’t-they’ pointless) and she can’t exactly date her half-siblings. It’s starting to seem like the most complicated thing next season will be their love lives!

What do you think, dear reader? Did you like ‘Family’? Are you happy with how the season wrapped up? And what do you think will happen next year? Head on down to the comments below and let us know!

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