Parks and Recreation “Win, Lose, or Draw” Review – And The Winner Is…

Parks and Recreation Win, Lose or Draw Season 4 Episode 22 (2)

In the season four finale of Parks and Recreation the moment that we’ve been waiting for is finally upon Pawnee! It’s election day and Leslie (Amy Poehler) and Bobby Newport (Paul Rudd) head to the polls vying for the spot of Pawnee Congressman (or woman in Leslie’s case). They are separated by an EXTREMELY thing margin which calls for a recount, but in the end the best candidate wins.

While the election is going on, Jennifer Barkley approaches Ben and tells him how impressed she was with his managing of Leslie’s campaign. She offers him the opportunity to run a congressional campaign, but the only catch is that he’d have to relocate to Washington. Leslie forces him to spill what the pair was talking about (to Ben’s credit, I do think he was going to wait until after the election to tell he about the opportunity), and sort of melts down to Ann about Ben leaving.

There’s a touching moment when Leslie confesses that she doesn’t want Ben to leave and he agrees, but later she changes her mind and tells him to follow his dream; exactly the way she is with the election.

Meanwhile, April has erased all of the computers in the office, and through a “dream job” exercise to help April relax (she’s freaking out that she’s going to lose her job) the pair realize that Andy really, really (really) wants to be a cop. Stay tuned for next season of Parks and Recreation to see if this dream actually comes true!

For a season finale, “Win, Lose, or Draw” included everything that it should have, story lines were wrapped up, characters have huge decisions to make, “will he/won’t he” propositions, and Tom and Ann are moving in together. All lots of reasons to tune into next season of Parks and Rec! The thing that I love best about Park and Rec is the obvious heart and devotion that goes into each and every episode. Leslie’s campaign speech was perfect, and very nearly made me tear up. She loves Pawnee and couldn’t have said it better than she did with “I know the people…” because she really does. And it shows.

Comedy, drama, and a lot of heart is what makes Parks and Recreation such a special show. I can’t wait for next season!