Grimm “Big Feet” Review – Can Nick Keep His Identity A Secret?

Grimm Big Feet Episode 21

We’re almost up to the season one finale of Grimm and this week’s episode “Big Feet” really brought some interesting questions and struggles to the table! After being called to help with an injured horse, Juliet (Bitsie Tulloch – who needs to give me her hair color) discovers a few things. 1.) The horse was mauled by something big. Something really big with giant teeth and claws. 2.) Stray hairs that aren’t human or horse. 3.) A huge foot print from the attacker along with blood. 4.) Some dead bodies. Needless to say she doesn’t react well the last find, but still someone manages to adjust much better than I feel most people would in her shoes. If I had seen the two mutilated bodies that she had the misfortune of stumbling across, I’d be a blubbering mess still sitting in the woods.

Coming to the aid of Miss “I’m the most well adjusted person on the planet” Nick (David Giuntoli) and Hank (Russell Hornsby) start looking for their suspect and quickly find that the two murdered men were cryptozoologists, or hunters of Big Foot. Hank finds the men’s video camera and just as he’s going to retrieve the discarded item, the men’s partner comes screaming out of the trees like a bat out of hell yelling that Big Foot was responsible for the murders. This girl is bloody and terrified and made me completely uneasy. I’m pretty sure the actress actually witnessed a murder and that is how she managed to get that worked up over Big Foot.

Meanwhile, Monroe (Silas Weir Mitchell) wakes up suddenly and morphs into blutbad form just as something breaks into his house. Turns out to be Larry, another creature friend of Monroe’s. Larry has a gunshot wound in his leg and is half man half vilderman (I think – my German is totally non existent, so forgive that spelling), and is yelling at Monroe to “get it out” before the poor guy passes out on his couch.

Turns out Nick and Hank found Larry’s wallet at the scene of the crime and by watching the recording knew that it was something human doing the killings. Monroe calls Nick who heads to his friend’s place while Hank is left with the tracking dogs to hunt down Larry. Only problem is Larry is currently passed out on Monroe’s couch in Sasquatch form. Monroe, being a good friend (and not wanting people to burn down his house over something they didn’t understand), takes Larry’s shirt and heads off to the woods, the tracker dogs close behind.

His plan worked in theory until Monroe turns again and literally bumps into Hank, showing the poor, startled guy his blutbad face. Once he’s back at home, Monroe tells Nick about his run in with Hank and gives some intel that Larry was seeing a psychologist to help with his “urges” of turning into his creature form. Nick convinces Harry that he only saw something human, nothing creature like… but meanwhile Juliet is working on the DNA from the hairs she collected from the crime scene and realizes that they’re not human. Or animal. They’re inconclusive.

Two more murders pop up, all patients of the same doctor Larry went to, and they were all taking the same medications to help with their transformations. Turns out they didn’t work real well, and actually caused more harm than good.

Juliet confronts Nick with the fact that maybe Big Foot is real… and what if all the stories that they’ve been told their entire lives aren’t stories at all… what if they’re all real. And then Grimm ends with Nick looking like he wants to confess everything to his fiance, but no, we have to wait until next week to see how Juliet takes the news.

I love the direction that Grimm is currently in. While I wasn’t a huge fan in the middle of the season, and while I still need some convincing, I feel that the story line with Nick and Juliet is really plugging along nicely. I have to admit, I felt that she was toast within the first few episodes and that she was going to be Nick’s catalyst for hunting the storybook creatures. Now I sort of want to see what sort of ass kicking Juliet can do herself. She’s more than proven herself as a capable woman who doesn’t collapse in the face of danger or flat out scary things. I admire that in a female character.

Monroe is always a favorite, and in “Big Feet” when he had to leave Larry’s body in the forest and he got choked up, it almost brought a tear. It was a touching moment from a character that we generally only see in a comedic fashion, and it worked.

I’m worried about Hank’s reaction to the whole “fairy tales are real” thing. I’m pretty sure he’s going to go off the deep end, especially after Nick convincing him that the things he saw in this episode of Grimm weren’t actually real. We’ll see what happens next week!

What do you want to see in the season finale of Grimm? Let me know in comments!

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