5 Reasons Why You Need to Watch Tonight’s Premiere of Common Law

Common Law

USA Network debuts their new summer series Common Law tonight at 10/9C and as a hardcore fan of many of their other summer shows, I must say that it fits right in. About two detectives who are sent to couples’ therapy by their new-age captain, the series stars Michael Ealy, Warren Kole, Jack McGee and Sonya Walger.

After watching the 90-minute premiere, here are the top 5 reasons why I think you should add this show to your summer watching schedule.

The premise

Let’s face it, the idea of two heterosexual males (who are also badass cops) being forced into couples’ therapy – where they have to talk about their feelings and work out their issues – is pretty damn funny. The opening scene has them engaging in a few exercises with the rest of the group (all romantically involved couples of course) that made me laugh out loud.

The bromance

I’ve said it many times before and I’m saying it here again folks, USA knows how to put on a great bromance. There’s nothing I love more than a show that features two male characters who are not romantically involved but act like they are. The arguments, knowing each other’s moves almost before the other makes them, the connection, the protection instincts – all of these make for some great moments, both funny and dramatic, and I can’t wait to see where this show goes with these two.

The mix of action, comedy and drama

Okay so yeah I realize those are three things but I put them all together in one point because they are mixed so well on the show. With action ranging from a foot chase and a shoot-out in a convenience store, to dramatic moments that will make you sigh and say “awww..” (well at least I did), to hilarious scenes that involve things such as shooting a huge blow-up doll and countless arguments – you will not be bored, not for one solitary second.

The guys are hot

Ooops….I guess that’s not really very professional but hey, it’s true! There’s nothing wrong with a little eye candy and USA definitely has no problem providing us with that. Just go see shows like White Collar, Suits, Burn Notice and lots more if you don’t believe me. Also, to be fair, Sonya Walger is no slouch either, so it’s totally fair. Plenty of of eye candy to go around.

You have to decide if you are #TeamWes or #TeamTravis.

USA is running a little poll on Facebook and Twitter to see who people are siding with and who they are more alike, Wes or Travis. And how can you vote unless you watch the show? Now as for me: I hate to say it, but I am so Team Wes. I may not be 100% like him but let’s just say that there were a few times when I was watching the episode where the likeness was bordering on uncanny. Needing to have everything just right? The uptightedness? Correcting Travis’ grammar? Oh yeah, that all looked really familiar.

Once you’ve watched the premiere of Common Law (you’re gonna watch, right? I mean, c’mon! I just gave you a whole bunch of reasons!) be sure to come back up here and let me know what you thought. I love hearing from you guys!

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  • Anonymous

    I generally like the USA formula but for some reason the Common Law pilot didn’t click for me.  I liked the general dynamic between the two leads but I felt the police aspect was weak or lacking (something that normally doesn’t bother me in shows).  I guess it is because most other USA shows that involve law enforcement don’t have main characters who are actually cops so if the main characters do random wacky/crazy things it is easier to justify in my mind.  That being said I will give it a few more episodes since it’s not fair to judge a show based purely on the pilot.