What You Should Know About ‘The Big Bang Theory’ Season 5 Finale


Last week, TV Equals along with other journalists, attended a special screening of the Season 5 finale episode of The Big Bang Theory “The Countdown Reflection,” which airs tonight, May 10th at 8pm on CBS. The screening was followed by a fun Q&A with co-creator/executive producer Bill Prady, series star Simon Helberg (who plays Howard Wolowitz) and episode guest star/NASA Astronaut Mike Massimino.

We are of course forbidden from revealing a few of the key storylines happening in the finale, but I can tell you that it is a really fun finale featuring quite a few developments for most of the characters, including what I would call a “big step” for Sheldon.

Speaking of Sheldon, Bill Prady confessed that the Sheldon/Amy relationship is as baffling to the writers as to the audience. He explained that even though Sheldon has no interest for the relationship to be any different than what it is right now, Amy has managed to move him forward. In the writers’ room they come up with a move for her and then realize there is no way for Sheldon to defend himself, that’s how they have been advancing that story.

In addition, the episode not only features guest star/NASA Astronaut Mike Massimino, but the Soyuz Capsule, which was replicated to be featured on the show and is now on display at the Paley Center until May 17 as part of Warner Bros. Television Group’s Television: Out of the Box exhibit (you can find out more info about it here.)

Simon Helberg explained that the most uncomfortable part of being in the capsule was the size of it, it’s very small. Even worse, they had to stay in the capsule for all the scenes which were shot back to back, so it was a few hours in there. Helberg even joked that it “started to feel legitimate to him,” that any second he would be sent off to space.

When asked what the most surprising aspect of being on the show was, Mike Massimino shared that it was a similar feeling to working at NASA, it was like being around a family, he felt the same camaraderie with the show. And fun fact, he also let us know that the dialogue featured in the episode is pretty close to what would be discussed before the launch as they sit there.

Finally, if you’re wondering what’s next with Leonard and Penny, unfortunately don’t expect to get some big answers in the finale. Bill Prady explained that the issue with these two is that that they met each other at the wrong time relative to their lives, because of what they want in their lives right now. Penny doesn’t want to be married and Leonard who is older than her wants something different. Prady very poetically continued, “As an adult, love is not sufficient.”

So that’s all I can share for now, however make sure to check back in after the episode airs for some additional information on what Bill Prady shared regarding the next season of The Big Bang Theory.

Don’t forget to tune in tonight for The Big Bang Theory season finale at 8pm on CBS.

In the meantime, here are some more photos from the event below including the Soyuz Capsule replica.

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