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Supernatural Guest Stars

With the awesomeness that was Felica Day’s guest spot on Supernatural two weeks ago, and how she quickly (okay, instantly) became my favorite guest star on the show, I thought – why not write a piece on the best guest stars of the series?

While I can’t include everyone that I want to include (and while I’m cheating by lumping a few people together) I think this list is a pretty great collection of those guest stars that we have all come to know and love, and in most cases miss horribly.

The Roadhouse Group


This is where I cheat and lump three guest stars into one spot. Ash, Ellen, and Jo were all insturmental parts of Supernatural from the moment they were introduced in season two. Not only did Ellen (played by Samantha Ferris) step in as a quasi mother figure for the boys, but on two occasions(granted, in alternate realities) she was married to Bobby. Ellen was a strong female presense on Supernatural and kicked ass as well as any guy on the show. Her end came far too soon (but she went out in a blaze of glory), and I still wish she’d manage to return.

You can’t mention Ellen without talking about Jo (Alona Tal). Ellen’s headstrong daughter, who did manage to get herself kidnapped by an angry ghost and almost killed by demon Sam, ended up being a hero in the fight against Lucifer. I think I’m in the minority when I say this, but I always had a soft spot for Jo. I understand that she was a little green when it came to hunting and that she romanticised it, but I do think that given proper training (and paitence) Jo could have grown to be an amazing hunter… and one that would have made her father proud.

Then we have Dr. Badass himself, Ash. Played by Chad Linberg, Ash is the genius that happens to look like every sterotype of barfly ever. Mullet, plaid shirts(when he’s dressed), and a cold PBR, Ash is comic releif at its best, but also helped Sam and Dean in their hunt for Azael.

Upon his return in “Dark Side of the Moon” Ash was also insturmental in hiding Sam and Dean from Zachariah and helping the boys navigate through heaven. We miss you, Ash!



This could be my bias rearing it’s ugly head but for crying out loud can we please bring back Chuck?? Rob Benedict was amazing as the drunk prophet who was responsible for writing the Supernatural novels – those books that followed the lives of Sam and Dean exactly. We found out through Castiel that Chuck was in fact a prophet, and the “novels” were actually going to go down in history as Gospel.

Add the small fact that Chuck is God (maybe) and that’s one guest star that I would love to see again.



I debated adding Crowley (Mark Sheppard) to the list of guest stars since it’s hard for me to imagine Supernatural without him. In the long run it was that fact that had me adding the King of Hell to this list.

While Crowley has done some not so great things to Sam and Dean (and Castiel) throughout the seasons of Supernatural, he’s also been a formidable opponent for the Winchesters (and their angel), which isn’t something that we see a lot of when it comes to Supernatural villains. For that reason alone I would love to see Crowley return in all his snarky glory.



As she was the inspiration for this article, I had to add her to my list. Felicia Day as Charlie, the geek girl extraordinaire, was a welcome and refreshing addition to the Supernatural family. Not only did Charlie help Sam and Dean by hacking into Dick Roman’s email and digging up dirt on the Leviathan clan, she was just awesome in general.

Her geek bobble heads, her Harry Potter ringtone, and her Princess Leia t-shirt (which I WANT) had all of us fellow geeks cheering her on as she worked her way through hard drives, flirted past guards, and even survived a broken arm.



Garth, a fellow hunter played by the wonderful DJ Qualls, has managed to become one of the most loved guest stars on Supernatural. Introduced by Bobby in season seven, Garth’s way of investigating is a little different from Sam and Dean’s, but that’s what makes him fun. He doesn’t take himself too seriously, but manages to get the job done with witty one liners as he goes.

Add that he was responsible for planting the idea in Dean’s head that Bobby could be a ghost, Garth is amazing and needs to have his own spin off.


Those are just a few of the many, MANY guest stars that Supernatural needs to have return. I know I missed Gabriel, The Ghostfacers, and many more, so be sure to let me know who you’d like to see!

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