Person of Interest “No Good Deed” Review

Person of Interest No Good Deed Episode 22 (1)

Person of Interest returned tonight with the penultimate installment for season one, “No Good Deed”. With this being the second-to-last episode of the season, I was really hoping for tonight’s installment to ramp up the excitement for next week’s finale. Did it live up to my expectations? Read on to find out.

We started tonight’s episode with yet another flashback, as we see a brief scene between Finch and his old business partner Nathan Ingram. We’ve been seeing a lot of flashbacks in the last few episodes, but we’ve seen precious little of Mr. Finch’s history. It turns out that back in 2009, when Finch was just about to turn the machine over to the government, his old partner went behind his back and made some sort of contingency plan! We don’t see exactly what that is in this episode, but I definitely think we’ll see more next week!

Anyway, our PoI this week was Henry Peck. At first the boys just thought Henry was a mid-level financial analyst, but as is often the case on this show, there was more than meets the eye with Mr. Peck! Turns out the man was actually an NSA agent, and apparently he started snooping around and asking questions about the wrong stuff and now people are trying to kill him! So why are people trying to kill him? What was he snooping around about? THE MACHINE! Dun dun dunnnn!

That’s right, tonight’s PoI actually found out about Finch and Reese’s machine, and he obviously had quite a few questions about it. So Finch is faced with an interesting predicament: Save Henry Peck, but also not let him find out that you exist. This obviously led to some very interesting scenes, with the most exciting being a shoot-out at the NSA offices. It’s always a lot of fun seeing Reese beat up on a bunch of inexperienced gangsters and goons, but it’s also a lot of fun seeing him spar with people who are just as well trained as he is. Ok, maybe not quite well-trained, as Mr. Reese is always gonna win, but at least the bouts are a little more close.

In one of the most touching scenes we’ve had on this show, Reese finally is able to trace an address back to Finch. However, Finch no longer lives there. Instead, there’s an attractive red-headed women who was engaged to Finch. When Reese asked her what happened to Harold, she tells him that he died two years ago. This scene was so heartbreaking, and when Reese walked outside to see Finch sitting right there on a bench, you really felt for the guy. We’ve always known that Finch is so dedicated to this machine, and to the grand purpose of saving people’s lives, but we’ve never seen just how dedicated. Seeing that he’s sacrificed his own love life with a beautiful woman in order to save other people really helps dimensionalize the character and make you care for what he’s doing. Here’s to hoping that Finch can find another cute girl to come home to eventually, but we’ll see.

Well, Mr. Peck is saved, but not without cost! No, in the very last scene we see that Alysha, the NSA agent who was going to inherit the machine back in 2009, is trailing Finch! Not only that, but she has his confession on tape that he built the machine and that it still exists! I’m interested to see how this pans out, and I can’t wait to see what happens in the finale!

What did you think of tonight’s episode? What’s going to happen in the finale? Sound off in the comments section below!

Random Thoughts:

– When you see a guy disappear behind a moving truck like that, wouldn’t your first instinct to be to check the truck that just drove off to see if he jumped on?

– Is that really how cares are made? I always thought if the gas tank explodes, the whole car is gone? I’ve never seen a car blow up like that. Plus, I just saw The Avengers, and that movie blew up like a thousand cars. None of ’em blew up like that!

– When Finch and Ingram shut down the machine, it looked like such a serious and final act. As if turning it back on would have been a big deal. Then Ingram just waltzes in the next day and presses one button. Bam!