Leonard Nimoy On The ‘Fringe’ Season 4 Finale: William Bell “has become a world of his own”


This morning, Leonard Nimoy spoke to a few people of the press during a conference call about the very highly anticipated second part of the Fringe fourth season finale, which airs tomorrow, May 11 at 9pm on FOX.

Nimoy reprised his role as William Bell in last week’s episode of Fringe “Brave New World” which made it clear that the character’s intensions are less than good. Between sacrificing his own man, David Robert Jones, and his men shooting Astrid, whose fate is still unknown, everyone is wondering what is Bell really up to.

So what did Leonard Nimoy had to share about the second part of “Brave New World,” he gave us this clue, “You’re going to see some interesting activity on the part of William Bell in this last episode. He has become a world of his own. Take that as a hint.”

He continued to explain that this episode is probably the most interesting of it all. In his own words, he described Bell as becoming “very exotic.” So expect him to do some “very strange and fantastic things.”

The best way to put it, as shared by Nimoy, is that William Bell was a very smart and rational character in the previous season, but now, while he’s still very smart, he is not quite so rational anymore and we’ll see that come to life in tomorrow night’s episode. According to Nimoy there is quite a dramatic shift in the character and he described Bell’s actions in tomorrow night’s episode as “quite extraordinary.”

Finally, in terms of William Bell possibly coming back for the fifth season, Nimoy explained that he hadn’t heard anything yet, but indicated that he would probably be talking about that soon.

I don’t know about you, but that sounds all very exciting and mysterious. So don’t forget to tune in to Fringe for its season finale tomorrow night at 9pm on FOX.

And to conclude let me leave you with a final quote from Leonard Nimoy about Fringe:

“I’m excited about the show, I’m proud to be connected with Fringe.”

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