Actor Treat Williams to Recur on ‘White Collar’

Well-known actor Treat Williams, best known for his role of Dr. Emmett Brown on the critically-acclaimed drama ‘Everwood’, will be joining the cast of the popular USA Network drama White Collar when the show returns for its upcoming fourth season.

According to the folks over at Entertainment Weekly, Williams will have a recurring role, playing Sam, a gruff and elusive undercover officer from D.C. who has some – what is being reported as – “deeply rooted ties to Neal’s past”. Let the speculations begin if Sam could possibly turn out to be Neal’s dad?

As fans of ‘White Collar’ will remember, Neal went on the lam with Mozzie (Willie Garson) at the end of season three, fleeing the country to avoid whatever plans Agent Kramer (Beau Bridges) had in store for him. The fourth season is to pick-up with Neal still on the lam in Puerto Rico, but being chased down by someone from the federal government.

‘White Collar’ will be back for the start of its fourth season on the USA Network on July 10.