NCIS “Up in Smoke” Review – Distractions Prove Disastrous

NCIS (CBS) Up In Smoke

In tonight’s episode of NCIS, called “Up in Smoke,” the team gets closer to Dearing and closer to what his ultimate goal is. The trouble is that they don’t realize that goal until it’s too late.

The episode starts when Agent Dorneget goes to the dentist and finds that there’s a bug in his mouth. And we’re not talking the little creatures with six legs and antennae. We’re talking about the kind that people use to listen to other people’s conversations. Turns out Dearing wanted ears at NCIS and he used Dorneget to do it.

As they follow the leads in the case, they come across clues that make them think that Dearing has built faulty ammunition and is planning to send it out into the fleet. This of course would cost many people their lives and the team jumps all over it. Trouble is, that’s not what he’s planning at all. Dearing gave them all those leads so that he could go after his real target – Director Vance.

So the episode ends with Vance missing and Dearing behind it. Three episodes into this four-parter (which is how I’m still viewing these episodes in my head) and each one is more intense and exciting than the last. I have no clue how they’re going to top this next week but I also have no doubt that they will. Even now I can already tell that it’s going to be a very long summer.

My favorite bits..

Yes, why DO dentists always insist on talking to you when your mouth is open?

“Wait. Did somebody bug my mouth??”

Tony and McGee trying to pretend they were on the phone so as to avoid Palmer’s questions about his upcoming bachelor party..until Palmer noticed that McGee’s phone wasn’t on. Oopsie.

“Sorry. She swore us to secrecy, and she scares me more than you.” – I hear that.

Ducky remarking (with surprise) that someone thought Dorneget was more interesting than they did.

“Holy molar!” – Oh yeah, you know I’m so gonna start saying that now.

Chewing as a way to generate power? That is totally brilliant!

Ryan’s comment that if Dearing had bugged Gibbs all he would’ve heard was wood being sanded. Well, it’s true.

Ryan calling Tony “Wink.” I’m assuming after Wink Martindale, famous game show host. Hilarious.

Tony pulling the headset off of Maple. I was about ready to do that myself.

Ziva’s giggle when Maple said that he didn’t go to the beach because sand was itchy.

“I think he might be losing it.”
“I think that boat has already sailed.”

“I’m not your enemy.”
“Says the man who would certainly kill me if he had the chance.”

Dearing saying that everything was Gibbs’ fault. Hmm..intriguing.

“What did we miss?”
“I don’t know, but it looks like Dorneget is about to wet my chair.” – You know, I have to agree with Tony on that one.

Palmer deciding that a dragon tattoo might be cool.

Ryan taking a second to make sure that Gibbs knew that it wasn’t actually his fault, and Gibbs making sure she knew he heard her.

Wondering what Abby could possibly have planned at Palmer’s party that would involve 50 gallons of scented body lotion.

Abby informing Palmer that he did not in fact NEED to know what was happening with his bachelor party.

“I got a hit on my facial recognition program.”
“Bachelor party or case?”
“Thank god.”

Gibbs finding the exact model of his boat in the bushes. Whoa, creepy.

“Every hero needs a bad guy.”

Gibbs asking Ryan to “turn it off” and give him a straight answer, and her pointing out that he doesn’t do it himself. Youch. Good point.

“How are you not interested in other people’s private lives?” – Tony’s shock at that was hilarious.

Tony..sniffing???… Gibbs.

Yelling out quite an expletive when those two shots hit that guy in the chest. I am not going to repeat it here but needless to say it was quite colorful. Oops.

The look on Palmer’s face when Ducky told him that Abby wanted to borrow a saw from autopsy for the bachelor party.

Another Watcher Fleet microchip? Hmm..

Gibbs and Ryan having their whispered argument in front of Maple.

“This is all going to be blamed on me and my bad teeth.”

Abby smacking Dorneget to get him talking, kind of like a broken TV. LOL.

Tony referring the guy they found in the warehouse as “Yakov Smirnoff.”

Tony and Gibbs’ conversation about whether or not there was any “there” there with Kozlov.

The way that Tony and Gibbs looked at each other, and almost never at Kozlov, the whole time they interrogated him.

OMG, I am so in love with Abby’s bachelor party outfit. I think I may have found this year’s Halloween costume. Woohoo!

The entire gang playing drunk. I especially enjoyed FakeDrunkJimmy (or was he really drunk? – on apple juice?) calling Gibbs “Leroy” and his speech that ended in “blah, blah, blah..alcohol is fun.”

Puff the Magic Dragon, Barbershop Quartet style? Oh man, I would so pay top money to see that.

Jimmy’s “this is getting real, this is real!” when the team started pulling out their guns.

Gibbs’ frustration over not being able to figure Ryan out.

“This…from the man who doesn’t talk.”

Gah!! Those three hated words..”To Be Continued.”

What did you think of this episode of NCIS? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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