NCIS: Los Angeles “Neighborhood Watch” Review – Kensi and Deeks Make a Cute Couple

NCIS: Los Angeles Neighborhood Watch Season 3 Episode 22

In tonight’s episode of NCIS: Los Angeles, called “Neighborhood Watch,” Deeks and Kensi go deep undercovers….oops I mean undercover. Sorry, bad joke. Couldn’t resist.

Anyway…Deeks and Kensi are living as a married couple in order to find out which of the very interesting neighbors is a Russian sleeper agent. Surprisingly enough, they find said agent pretty fast. Only trouble is, the agent wants out of the spy game and her handler makes quick work of killing her before she can do it.

The new goal then becomes to catch the handler, leaving Deeks and Kensi stuck playing house for a bit longer, which is extremely entertaining to watch. We’ve all seen the flirtations and there’s no denying that they each find the other attractive (I especially enjoyed Kensi’s leering in this one), but how do they react to being stuck in a house all day together and forced to play husband and wife? It doesn’t seem to be too great a hardship on them, after the obligatory complaints about bed hogging, housekeeping, etc.

What I liked was how we got little moments where the read Kensi and Deeks came through the charade. Like when they were describing what they were each wearing the first day they met. You know that they were both telling the truth there. So even though we didn’t see any real “Densi” action (meaning that they didn’t take any steps toward any sort of a relationship), I did enjoy the taste we got of what they might be like as a couple. For now, I guess that’s as good as it’s going to get, and it was actually quite good.

Next time I’d love to see Sam and Callen have to go undercover as a gay couple. Then again, those two already act like they’re married so maybe it wouldn’t be much different than how they are now.

My favorite bits..

Sugar Bear? LOL.

Holy cow! Look at that house. I’d go undercover too if it meant I could live in a house like that.

Kensi talking about the “cute little twitchy thing” that Deeks does with his nose. LOL.

A kiss and a butt slap. Oh yeah, this episode is off to an awesome start.

Callen warning Sam not to mock his new toy.

Hetty appearing on the screen. If that’d been me, I probably would’ve screamed like a little girl.

Dragging a desk chair over the carpet to make it look like she vacuumed? That is hilarious, and also kinda brilliant.

Deeks referring to the kids as “birth control for the entire neighborhood.” – Haha!

Deeks’ “Yes please” when Nell’s bio came across the screen.LOL!

Eirc and Nell spinning their chairs in unison. Adorable.

“Have you done something wrong?”
“Well THAT could be a trick question.”

Kensi. In an apron. Classic.

Deeks’ finger pointing not quite at the basket when he talked about Kensi showing off her “cookies.”

“Martha Stewart, my ass!”

Trying to figure out who was acting more like a bickering married couple – Deeks and Kensi or Sam and Callen. Right now the race is neck and neck.

“I plead completely innocent, but TOTALLY intrigued.”

Deeks’ imitation of Kensi’s snore.

Totally rewinding my DVR to watch Kensi leer at Deeks while he was concentrating on the computer. Awesome.

Kensi’s little “yep” when Deeks asked if she needed back up.

Whoa! That was quite a chick fight.

Totally suspecting Rob and Bob as the handlers.

Deeks reminding Kensi that Nadia chose her life, just as they did.

Deeks offering to help Kensi out with the whole kids thing, from a purely technical point of view. Ha!

“How many times have I told you not to lie to me?”
“How many times do I have to lie for you not to believe me?”

Deeks’ remark that their neighbor had a walk that was all kinds of fantastic.

Kensi standing up for her “husband.” Aw.

“Is that a fanny pack??” – Callen’s shock was hilarious.

Actually jumping when Deeks saw the blood.

“It’s like an episode of Dexter in here.”

Deeks trying to claim that his fanny pack is a “bro sack.” – Hate to break it to him but that sounds WAY worse.

“Oh my bad, I thought you wanted me to take my pants off.” – So, so many dirty jokes, so little time.

Thinking that Kensi was in fact peeking as Deeks walked away.

Kensi and Deeks naming off what they each were wearing the first time they met each other. Awwww.

So who else things the couple wants to “play” with Kensi and Deeks? (If ya get my drift?)

Deeks staring at Kensi trying to figure out where she was keeping her gun..and now so am I.

Kensi and Deeks both snatching up their knives when the husband pulled out a sword.

Haha! I knew the couple had naughty things in mind for their night with Deeks and Kensi.

“Hey if you knew about Kensi private time, your head would explode.”

Aha! I totally knew it was Rob and Bob.

“I should’ve known. Their macaroons SUCKED. No way they’re gay.”

Darn it. So I was wrong, but sort of right. It was the old guy but Rob and Bob helped. Sneaky.

“Really? Bra holster?”
“Really? Fur handcuffs?”

Deeks cracking up when Hetty told him that Hobbs probably made him the moment he saw Deeks in the bro bag. LOL!

Final Funny Blackout Moment: “Oh Mr. Deeks..about those handcuffs.”

What did you think of this episode of NCIS: Los Angeles? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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  • Kitty

    Loved it! Loved it!  And yes, Kensi definitely WAS oogling Deeks when he was on the laptop!  But the capper for me was when the wife from the swinger couple asked if Deeks was going to tie her up, which had Deeks turn around on the stairs, then spin back around when Kensi called – hilarious!  They had beeter not kill off Deeks during the finale!

    • Anonymous

      Okay why is everyone thinking that Deeks is going to die at the end of the season? Did I miss some sort of spoiler? Y’all are making me nervous. LOL. And yes, I hope they don’t do that either. 

  • Tara

    The episode was so funny, and really showcased how well Daniela and Eric play off one another. As for the ‘gay couple’ being the handlers, I must admit I was surprised because I thought it was the couple that turned out to be into all things kinky. And yes, I agree that Kensi was totally checking Deeks out. And how cute was it that they both remembered what the other was wearing the first time they met.
    Can’t wait for the finale, looks to epic!!  TPTB better not kill off any members of the magnificent seven.

    • Anonymous

      I agree, this episode was a wonderful way to see how well Daniela and Eric play off each other. And right?? She was totally checking out Deeks! Too cute. 

  • Josh

    Am I the only one that noticed that Deeks got the outfit wrong when he was saying what Kensi was wearing the first time they met?

    • Tara

      Yeah I’m pretty sure her tank top was purple and I think he said it was black. But I think he got everything else right.

      • Josh

        Yeah, she was wearing a purple tank top, black leggings, and some knee high boots. He did get the part about her hair, and her bag over her shoulder right, but that’s about it.

        • Anonymous

          Wow you guys. Color me impressed. I didn’t think to look back (or did you both just remember? LOL) to see if they both got their clothes right. Nicely done! 

        • Kat

           Definitely got the tanktop colour wrong, though at least he knew it was dark 😉 But I’d argue that she was wearing tight jeans rather than leggings. Difficult to tell.

  • steph

    Awwww this was perfect! Loved it!!! The kiss was even more than I had hoped for 😉 I’m curious if they’ll bring all that stuff up again in the next episode, but since it’s the finale I’m guessing no… Anyways, too many awesome moments to pick a favorite! Well okay, the kiss 🙂 And I have to say Hetty cracked me up with her “talk” – hilarious!

    Other than that: How did you know it was Rob and Bob?? All of the neighbors were weird, if you ask me it could have been any one of them 😉

    • Anonymous

      You know, I think it’s because I watch too many of these types of shows but I immediately get suspicious of the least likely people and almost never trust who they are trying to make us think it is. Since they were obviously trying to make it out to be the swinging couple, I knew it couldn’t be them. And since they kept showing how silly Bob and Rob were, I had a feeling it might be them. 
      So I guess it’s just the process of elimination. LOL. 

      • steph

        Your theory makes sense (actually I have more or less the same ;), but how do you explain the old guy?? It’s never the creepy guy who talks to noone! He usually turns out to be good, like they tried to make us think this time, too. I never would have suspected him… And I have to admit that they almost had me with the swinging couple even though they were soooo obvious, especially when Kensi couldn’t take that phone call – but as soon as Deeks read his message I knew it wasn’t them 😀

        • Anonymous

          I know! That old guy totally threw me for a loop! Him being in on it definitely caught me off guard. But at least I got it *partially* right.  ;o)

  • Raven713

    Did no one else see the disappointed look Kensi gave when Deeks wouldn’t answer the question of when he knew she was the one?  That surprised me – I understood her look when he acted like he didn’t remember or wasn’t going to answer what she was wearing when they met but she also gave a look when he didn’t answer the second question (saved by the bell). 

    Loved the repeating the “litter of ninja mutant assassin” children for Kensi from an earlier episode.  Too many things were awesome about that episode.

  • Loved the episode and loved your review! And YES, she WAS peeking as Deeks walked away, I’ve checked it and double-checked it! 😉
    Oh and the “what each was wearing” scene… AWWW <33
    Awesome review, keep up with the great work! ;D

    • Anonymous

      Aha,  I knew she was looking! LOL. Glad you liked the review!  :o)

  • Kat

    The what each was wearing scene was my favourite. And with how quick she rattled it off and the look on her face, that was no cover, that was pure Kensi. She looked a little embarrassed after.