Hawaii Five-0 “Ua Hopu” Review – Yes! McGarrett is Back!

Hawaii Five-0 Ua Hopu Season 2 Episode 22

In this episode of Hawaii Five-0, called “Ua Hopu” (which is Hawaiian for “Caught”), McGarrett finally returns from his trip to Japan. The trip isn’t without its challenges though.

While tracking down Shelburne, McGarrett runs across chatter about Wo Fat. In what had to be the easiest raid ever, Steve finds his sworn enemy sitting there waiting for him. Once he has the guy, Steve makes the call we’ve been waiting a couple weeks for – he contacts Danny. As much fun as it was to see Danny and the rest of the team play with the NCISLA guys last week (and boy howdy was that fun), my heart was so happy when Steve and Danny had that phone conversation. Heck, they even managed to fit in an argument for old times’ sake.

After that, the team has to solve the murder of an FBI agent, which brings Danny a bit more trouble than he bargained for. And as the evidence leads to the Yazuka clan, Kono also finds herself stuck between a rock and a hard place, since her mystery boyfriend turns out to be none other than the heir to the Noshimuri Empire.

Meanwhile Steve’s got his hands pretty full when bad guys on the plane force him to crash land with Wo Fat in tow. He manages to defeat Noshimuri’s men and steal their helicopter, only to find that they are there waiting for him when they land. Luckily though, Danny manages to escape the CIA and brings the team there just in time to figure out that it was Adam’s right hand man who killed the agent.

So now Wo Fat is behind bars and it looks like he’ll stay there for a little while at least. Judging by the previews, it looks like next week’s finale is going to be just as intense as last year’s.

My favorite bits…

Yikes! That bathroom looks like something out of a horror movie.

Kono relishing in memories of what looked like a pretty nice evening. Okay enough already, who is this guy??

Hiro’s son?? Wow, Kono. Gotta admit though, he’s pretty hot.

Actually getting a little excited when McGarrett called Danny.

Danny immediately jumping down McGarrett’s throat for not calling for so long. Well, that didn’t take long.

“You don’t sound fine, you sound stressed out.” – Aw!

“Steve’s in Japan, he needs our help..oh and on a side note, he arrested Wo Fat.”

Actually squealing out loud when Danny told Steve “Okay we’re all over it, babe.” – No I’m not reading anything into that, I just love how his Jersey comes out sometimes.

Danny and McGarrett both agreeing that McGarrett had been gone way too long, after Danny used the term “six.” Haha!

Danny accusing McGarrett of using terms like “classified” because they sound cool.

Danny correctly guessing what Steve was wearing. Though I suppose it was pretty easy considering that Steve *always* wears cargo pants.

“Find anything interesting?” “My findings are always interesting to me.”

Kind of having Lost flashbacks when Steve crash-landed that plane.

That knock-down, drag-out, dirty fist fight between Steve and Wo Fat. Whoa!

Haha, I so knew that “Charlie” the weapons expert would turn out to be the chick.

Chin questioning Noshimuri with Kono there. Awkward.

Danny getting basically kidnapped by the CIA.

Seeing Danny break, but only when the spooks said that they had done something to Steve’s plane.

Uh oh…plastic all over the floor is never a good sign.

“I’m not here as a cop, I’m here because I care about you.”

Adam pulling a gun on Kono. Wow.

Steve finding out the hard way that the men in the helicopter weren’t there to save Wo Fat.

“What did you do to piss off the Yakuza anyway?”
“I killed Hiro Nashimuri.”
“Well, that would do it.”

Chin finding out about Adam. Better late than never, I guess?

Danny breaking out of the CIA. Yes! So glad he got to be a part of the action. I was afraid they were going to have him tied to that chair for the whole rest of the episode.

Kono getting through to Adam and then taking out Lansing just in time. Whew! I was so certain that Adam was going to die.

“See, I knew it. Cargo pants.”
“Book’em Danno.”
“You could’ve just said hello.” – Aw, that hand on Danny’s shoulder said so much.

Steve hugging his team. Awesome reunion.

That look in Wo Fat’s eye when they closed his cell. Oh yeah, we have so not seen the last of that dude.

What did you think of this episode of Hawaii Five-0? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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