‘The Borgias’ Season Three Announced

The Borgias The Choice Season 2 Episode 5 (7)

Showtime has picked up a third season of the hit television series The Borgias. David Nevins, the network’s President of Entertainment, made the announcement that they have ordered up another 10 episodes that will air in 2013.

‘The Borgias’ is currently in its second season with plenty of drama on the way. “As the series continues to unfold, the greatest existential threat to Alexander’s Papacy may not come from foreign adversaries or ambitious political operatives, but may linger within his most trusted inner circle – his family. The cunning Cesare engages his dark side; the profligate Juan turns murderous and ostracized by his family; and the increasingly independent Lucrezia refuses to be a pawn in her family’s continued quest for power.”

Production is slated to begin this summer with plans to film on location in both Hungary and Budapest with the super star cast of Jeremy Irons, François Arnaud, Holliday Grainger, Lotte Verbeek, Peter Sullivan, and more. Neil Jordan of ‘The Crying Game’ and ‘An Interview with A Vampire’ will continue to serve as the show’s creator executive producer, writer, and director of several upcoming episodes in season three.

Are you ready for another year of ‘The Borgias’ with an upcoming third season? Let us know below.

  • Elizabeth

    Absolutely ready for another season of the Borgias.  I would love to see it go on for many more seasons.  It is so well acted and period pieces (being a European HIstory major in college) are great to watch.  The Tudors was great.  The Borgias is fabulous.  Keep on keeping on.  

  • Rod

    The show is in one word “incredible”. It’s the best thing currently on TV by far.

    • Elizabeth

      Could not agree with you more.  Elizabeth

  • MdmeCurie

    Oh yes please. Love it very much! 

  • Camelot817

    I enjoed the Tutor’s and Now to have the ” Borgias” is a wonderful show compared to so little worth watching on television today. The Acting is worth any major award.

  • Danna Kenny

    DITTO Elizabeth!!!! What an interesting and entertaining series!!!!!

  • Eenichols

    Husband and I thoroughly enjoy the Borgias – more than any other program on television.  Jeremy Irons is outstanding as Pope and all actors are truly special.  Beautiful costumes and scenery add to the enjoyment.

  • Mjdangelo1

    A big yes to that. Love this series even more than the Tudors, and that was quite a lot. 

  • dee

    I love it~  They’re all so b-a-d, and even though the show strays far from factual history, it’s just plain fun.  Captures your attention; great cast!

  • Mario Mallia

    This is a brilliant show. Please make it last much more than The Tudors which lasted only for four seasons. This wonderful cast collectively deserve something as big as an Oscar (but there is none to give for this category of TV Drama).

  • ^^

    yeaaaaaaaaaah  mf xD

  • Ioa

    yes! yes! yes!

  • Leslie-Anne

    Keep this show going on! LOVE the characters, the themes, plots all of it! Thanks for creating such a worthwhile series.

  • Hubert



  • Hubert



  • Hubert



  • Harvey Neese

    So happy to know it’s not over.Love the actors and the acting.Only complaint is having to wait.

  • Corrjud

    The final episode seemed SO final.  I can only assume (silly me) that the pope didn’t die…why?…because he pretty much carries the show and I can’t imagine season 3 without Irons. 
    Highly entertaining, but, in the end, it’s revisionist history.
    Next series?  Hope it’s the complete life of Elizabeth I.
    Good job, Showtime !!!

  • Ken the Teacher

    One of our all time favorite shows, history, drama, murder, romance, and intrigue whats not to like. 

  • What a damn good season finle!

  • Santanmonicagirl1027

    Can’t wait great show, I love that time period and some history of the Catholic Church.

  • To bad we have to wait a whole year!

  • DRj813

    This is by far the best show on television…..Don J

  • Janiezorro

    Fabulous!!!  Would like to see MANY more seasons!!!!

  • Meridius

    So…the pope didn’t dye with all that poison ?

    • Orourke_pl

      I am thinking that Della Rovere gave the young Franciscan monk a different poison to make sure that the monk also died thereby eliminating all witnesses.   This wasn’t the poison the monk had been adapting to.  This was a REALLY good cliffhanger with which to end season 2.  Do we have to wait for April 2013 to see more??

  • Avid watcher

    Oh Yes, keep it coming….can’t wait for another season

  • moats

    I love this show.  Keep it coming.

  • Showtime hasn’t adhered to the actual historicity of the subject, but they do know how to punch up the drama and create a compelling and very watchable series. Bravo!

  • Julie Lumsden8

    cant wait….why so long 

  • Pach3rd

    Please have another season of the Borgias.  It is the best show on TV, entertainig, intelligent, well acted and exciting. We can’t wait for another season.

  • Purrr

    I am SO looking forward to watching the Borgias, the best entertainment I”ve seen in ages!!,The actors are awesome and story line incredible. Keep up the good work and produce as many as you can, because I’ll be waiting….!

  • Joseph

    Brilliant from all aspects. The plots, the acting, the sets….all very very good. Can’t wait for the next season.

  • bloomiegirl

    Great acting but too loose with the historical record.