Mad Men “Lady Lazarus” Review

Mad Men Lady Lazarus Season 5 Episode 8
Megan quit the firm to pursue her passion for acting and Pete fell into a clandestine affair with the lonely wife of an insurance agent who rides the train with him in “Lady Lazarus,” this week’s episode of Mad Men. Up until now, I’ve been fine with the amount of Megan put into this season, but I am starting to wonder when she became the show’s focus. It seems like more and more she’s pushing our regular cast to the background, and while I like her character and don’t mind taking a journey with her, I don’t want it to overshadow the stories in which I’ve been invested for the past five years.

So, let’s focus on Pete. Oy. Still a slimy sleazeball. After cheating on Trudie with Rory Gilmore (fine, Alexis Bledel, but you were thinking it, too!), Pete couldn’t just let his new toy go. He had to install himself into her world, even after she asked him to forget their moment on the floor, by befriending her husband and earning an invitation into her house. To be fair, her drawing a heart in the fog on her car window for his eyes only probably wasn’t the best way to discourage the affair, but Pete is getting downright creepy this year. He is so desperate for…something. Anything. Whatever he doesn’t have, he wants, and what he has, he doesn’t want. He is a mess, always has been, but it’s getting worse with age.

At one time, I thought maybe Peggy could help him out with that, but their brief fling and the child that resulted from it have apparently been completely and totally suppressed, like a bad memory that might not even haunt them on their death beds. Peggy spent the episode trying to figure out why Megan would ever give up her job in favor of acting. For someone with such a passion of her own for her work, she can’t imagine that anyone who is good (or maybe even better than her) would want to do anything else. It’s clear that she’s very jealous of Megan, but not in an overt way that could be dealt with. It’s much deeper and much more complicated and it definitely has to do with Don.

I’ve always liked the dynamic between her and Don. Although neither of them really know each other’s deepest secrets, they’ve always connected through their work. Megan took that away; her relationship with Don is on a level that Peggy could never reach. I’m not saying that Peggy is in love with Don and wants to be his wife, but she doesn’t want to be his underling, either. She wants what Megan is throwing away: the chance to be Don’s equal. His partner, not in marriage, but in the office.

It was an odd duck of an episode, but it ultimately left me wanting one thing. Cool Whip.

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