Eureka “Friendly Fire” Review

Eureka "Friendly Fire" Review

With the safe return of (most of) the Astraeus crew, this week’s Eureka focuses on how they are adjusting to life back home. Part of that process involves some couples facing the truth of what happened in the Dreamland/Matrix, and its not something everyone wants to go through willingly. Yet when the going gets hot, will Carter and the team be able to put aside their differences and save the town from another potential catastrophe?

This Too Shall Pass

Everyone in Eureka is coming to terms with what happened to the Astraeus crew in Dreamland, and its hard because not everyone knows exactly what happened in the Matrix. This leads to some pretty heavy trust issues between the main couples and is starting to become a wedge between friends. Then there’s poor Fargo who is still coming to terms with Holly’s loss, including having to attend GD’s mandated Bereavement counseling. While the bunny therapy doesn’t really help Fargo, the grief counselors do have a patch that will let him speed through the five stages of grief leading to some bizarre behavior.

While we knew that Fargo’s coming to terms with the loss of Holly would be a focal point once the Astraeus crew came back to town, I was a little surprised that there was still so much friction between all the couples. I get the friction between Allison and Jo to some extent, since it seems that S.A.R.A.H. was bursting at the seams with all the people staying there. The Henry and Grace stuff made the most sense since Grace and Henry haven’t known each other for that long (when compared to the other couples). I can see Grace not being very comfortable being around Henry since theoretically Henry could be as evil as his Matrix counterpart. The Carter and Zane one made the least sense of all, since Carter was mainly just embarrassed about what he did or saw of Jo in the Matrix and Zane seemed to think that a computer could tell that Jo wants Carter more than him. It just seemed a little too silly for those two.

Normally I would single out an actor/actress for their performance in the episode, but while all the actors were great I will say that Neil Grayston had some of his best Fargo moments of all time. I like that the episode did tackle Fargo’s grieving process, and handled in a very Eureka and Fargo like manner. Personally I think the bunnies could have worked, but the grief patch and the resulting fast run through the five stages of grief gave us some great Fargo moments. Neil Grayston really rode the emotional rollercoaster this episode and we are all better for it. Amy Berg, the writer for tonight’s episode, did a beautiful job in bringing Fargo and Dr. Parrish together in the final scene. Having the two suitors for Holly’s affections commiserate together was a touching scene and hopefully the start of a new friendship.

Burning Down the House (or S.A.R.A.H.)

This week’s crisis is centered on an experiment that escapes from Dr. Parrish’s lab when he and Zane have a little turf war. Parrish’s iFire (“Apple’s attorneys on Line Two”) are nanobots meant to control and extinguish fires, but in classic Parrish style he has been working on them to also create fire. Because the world needs robots that can start fires. Carter and Jo try to contain the iFire within GD, but it eventually escapes to the outside (after Carter splits it in two). Jo and Henry are able to capture one of the fireballs very quickly, but Zane and Carter aren’t as lucky. The remaining fireball attacks various places in town, including S.A.R.A.H., which puts Allison’s kids in danger, but Carter and Jo rescue them before anyone gets hurt.

The whole iFire thing was kind of silly at first until you realize that there’s something else behind their strange behavior. The idea of nanobots that can fight fires was pretty cool, but who would think to have them start fire as well? Okay, anyone other than Dr. Parrish?

After the fire at S.A.R.A.H. it seems like Carter and the family may need to find a new place to call home for a little while, but what happened to S.A.R.A.H.? Did she go into some kind of backup mode? Was she shut down out of precaution? (though if she was why was the rest of the house powered?) The whole scene at the house was a nice setup to what we see at the end of the episode and actually built up some tension when Carter was hit by the fireball (thankfully his uniform is fire retardant?). This also continues the streak of Jo’s homes destroyed by fire or incendiary device. On the other hand, we have another episode without Carter’s jeep being destroyed, which hopefully means the next method of destruction will be truly epic.

It’s All In Their Mind

Back at GD, Henry finds that the iFire is acting so strangely due to some level of frequency interference. What’s surprising is not where the interference comes from, but from whom. It turns out that the Astraeus crew member’s brains are putting out a bizarre brain wave, which draws the iFire to them. Henry and Zane setup a trap for the iFire for Carter to use, but things don’t go as planned. Plan B turns out to be Jo using the energy net that Zane had thought up of in the Matrix in the second episode of the season to finally capture the fireball.

After all the excitement, we get to see each of the couple face their trust issues from the beginning of the episode. Zane and Jo decide to give it another go. Allison warms up to Jo after her heroics saving everyone at S.A.R.A.H. Carter and Zane seem to have buried the hatchet regarding his fictional relationship with Jo. Henry and Grace have a heart to heart about what Evil Henry did to her in the Matrix. Then there’s poor Fargo (grief patch-less now) who is alone going through Holly’s things, and receives some unexpected comforting by Dr. Parrish.

The closing scenes in this episode were nice in that it started to give us some closure to the drama and stress from the first few episodes of the season. It looks like the relationships will all mend themselves, which is nice since I couldn’t really take any of these couples breaking up with all the other stuff that’s happened so far. The Zane/Jo smooch gave the shippers something to cheer about. The whole brain wave thing is interesting in that it gives the Eureka writers an interesting plot point to play with for the next few episodes, I can’t wait to see what they do next.

My Favorite Parts from “Friendly Fire”:

– “Bunny therapy! Sixty-four percent effective..we tried it with kittens but there were…injuries.” – Fargo’s Bereavement Counselors
– “Here Fireball…” Carter searching for the iFire
– “Who you gonna call?” Fargo after realizing Jo and Carter’s firefighting outfit reminds him of a certain movie
– “If I was a schizophrenic fireball, where would I be?” Carter
– “Maybe we should just bow down to our new fireball overlords while we still can.” Fargo reaching the Bargaining stage of his grief patch
– “Plan B! Plan B!” Carter as he tries to escape the iFire

Did you like “Friendly Fire”? How do you think the couples on the show will react or change now that all the stuff that happened in the Matrix is out there? What do you think about these special brain waves all the people who went into Dreamland are now producing? Are Parrish and Fargo friends now or just a temporary truce? I’d love to hear your ideas in the comments section.

Next week’s Eureka has Fargo and Jack are not feeling like themselves. Instead they are looking at things from a different point of view. Make sure you tune into “Jack of All Trades”, airing next Monday, May 14 at 9 PM on SyFy/