‘Community’ Co-Showrunners To Step Down After This Season

COMMUNITY -- "Urban Matrimony and the Sandwich Arts"

TV Guide has broke the sad news that Community show runners Neil Goldman and Garrett Donovan have made the decision to part the NBC comedy at the end of the current season. Both Goldman and Donovan have been on board the fan favorite ‘Community’ for the last three seasons, since the show first debuted, serving as writers and producers.

According to The Hollywood Reporter it now looks as though the two are moving to new adventures with 20th Century Fox who they are confirmed to have signed a two-year contract with. Dana Walden, 20th Century’s chairman, has since spoken out about inking a deal with the partners, calling them “incredibly funny” and “incredibly beloved,” something fans are sure to agree with. Walden also shared, “we have had our eye on them for a long time.” Over the years Donovan has worked together with Goldman on the medical comedy drama ‘Scrubs’, ‘Worst Week’, ‘Nobody’s Watching’, the hit animated television series ‘Family Guy’, and the 80’s family TV series ‘Step by Step’.

The details on whether ‘Community’ will be returning for another year has yet to be revealed. What do you think fans of Donovan and Goldman leaving the show? Will it be the same?