Bones “The Suit on the Set” Review – Murder and Movies in LA

Bones The Suit on the Set Season 7 Episode 12

In tonight’s episode of Bones, called “The Suit on the Set,” Booth and Bones travel to Hollywood to watch filming on the movie that’s being made out of her book. This being Bones-land, of course things don’t go smoothly and in fact they pretty much go the opposite of smooth when the fake body being used on set turns out to be a real rotting corpse. I’ve heard of realism but that might be taking things a wee bit too far. Ick.

Leave it to Booth and Bones to not only find a murder while they are on vacation, but also while on the set of a film that’s loosely based on their lives. Talk about life imitating art. Or was that art imitating life imitating art? Either way you look at it, it was a ton of fun. There were so many great characters in this one and oh so many suspects to wonder about. Was it the ditzy starlet? The goofy co-star? The grumpy writer? My money was on the forensic podiatrist/film consultant. I figured he’d want to solve the murder so that he could make a name for himself. But nope, I was dead wrong. Turns out it was a really, really, obsessed gardener who loved her topiary so much that she was willing to kill to stay with them.

While all the fun is happening in LA, back in DC Hodgins and Angela are out to solve a mystery of their won. Their discovery of a bad vampire movie that Cam did when she was in college was stupendous. I now really want to see that movie made.

With that, another fun episode of Bones ends and all I have to say is…..

Die mother suckers!! (sorry, couldn’t resist).

My favorite bits…

“Apparently the movie is awesome.”
“Apparently everything is.”

Is it wrong that I think that the movie looks pretty awesome, too?

Hodgins wanting his and Angela’s characters to be in the movie because of his son. Awww!

Kind of cracking up at Bones finding fault with all the wrong things they were doing, since I was doing the same thing. Not about the science though, but about the way they were doing things on the set. Nobody acts like that of course, but it sure was funny.

Bones jumping up and down like a little girl when she was asking Booth to help her solve the murder.

“It’s actually state of the art. I helped them rent the equipment.”
“Which would explain the abundance of podiatry equipment.”

“I don’t understand. If you have a useful talent, why are you an actor?”

Hodgins’ jealousy over his character’s lab in the movie.

Finding out that the assistant once had to sleep in a kennel with his old boss’ dog. That sucks.

“Mother suckers!”
“I beg your pardon?” – Yes! Another swear that’s not really a swear. I’ so gonna start using that.

Cam was in a movie called “Invasion of The Mother Suckers”? Beyond awesome.

“You give me far too much credit Mr. Filmore. You are perfectly capable of recognizing your own inadequacies.” – Haha! An insult that was kind of a compliment at the same time.

Stupid idiot actor trying to take down Booth, and Sweets declaring him completely delusional.

“You see what I have to deal with? His belt buckle says ‘kooky.'”

Booth getting excited about seeing a bush shaped like Bart Simpson.

Hodgins convincing Angela to use her millions of dollars worth of equipment to find a copy of “Invasion of the Mother Suckers.” Sounds about right to me.

“Double the pay, less danger.”
“Except for the killings.”
“One every now and then will keep us fresh.”

Never ever wanting to go in the ocean again after Bones talked about fecal contamination.

“Canadians shouldn’t gloat.”

Bones’ little “Oh Oh” joke. Haha!

Booths’ ongoing obsession with the donuts.

Hodgins happily running in with a copy of Cam’s movie, before he realized that Cam was in the room. Oopsie.

Conway coming out of nowhere to tackle Kent. Freaking hilarious.

Bones agreeing with Kent when he said his only attractive quality was that he was rich.

Aha! I was starting to suspect the gardener lady. I figured the cart would be the only thing small enough to do a turn that tight.

Booth and Bones kissing in front of the heart background. Awwww!

Booth bringing back donuts for everyone to eat while watching “Invasion of the Mother Suckers.”

Cam. In that afro. With those teeth. Wow.

Thinking that flick sort of reminded me of a Tarantino film.

Die! Mother Sucker! – Haha! Yes.

The way they put Cam, Sweets, Angela and Hodgins into the movie.

What did you think of this episode of Bones? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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