Bob’s Burgers “Moody Foodie” Review

By default, Bob’s Burgers is set up for endless opportunities for foodie humor. Tonight’s episode, “Moody Foodie” is the latest episode to focus our attentions on an aspect of food culture for laughs.

The Moody Foodie is the nickname that the local restaurant owners had given a notorious food critic who doomed their businesses with his bad reviews. Bob believed that he would be immune to any bad reviews because he was dedicated to using fresh produce and delivering a high quality burger.

Bob hadn’t accounted for his horrible employees.

As usual, humiliation for Bob, means a heavy dose of comedy for us. When they realized the Moody Foodie was actually in the restaurant, Linda and the kids did their best to support Bob by just being their “normal” selves.

Tina’s “get ready for the charm-bomb to explode” line could not have more accurately described the overly attentive, hair-tossing waitress act that she pulled out of nowhere. Is it possible for Tina to seem more confident this season while still being arguably the most awkward teenager on television? Because she’s totally pulling it off.

Realizing that Tina was a disaster, Linda stepped in to try and be the responsible adult. I was not expecting Mrs. Belcher to belch the way she did, but I had to love how completely unfazed she was by the enormous sound that escaped her mid sentence.

Right when I was sure things couldn’t get any more embarrassing for Bob, Gene struts out in his singed shirt, offering his apologies to the Moody Foodie and pointing at his exposed nipple with the suggestion that he “enjoy the show.” That kid seriously kills me.

Bob’s breakdown after reading the Moody Foodie’s horrible review was a great call back to the first season in which Bob told the kids that he would fire them if he could. Bob has stayed in business for a while now, so it’s sometimes easy to forget how useless his “employees” really are.

No matter how much Bob has to struggle to keep Bob’s Burgers afloat, he’d choose life behind the grill over any other lifestyle. In the past, he’s proved this by taking on a second job as a cab driver to supplement the family income rather than closing up shop. Tonight, his drive was reinvigorated after a white-collar nightmare filled with birthday cards and water cooler chat.

All of the Moody Foodie’s safety precautions went out the window when Bob showed up at his door for a “redo.” Bob was probably the last person I would have imagined to be immune to the effects of a taser gun and it was hilarious to see Bob barely react to the critic’s repeated attempts to tase him and get him out of his house.

The kids were not far behind Bob, ready and willing to help make a bad situation worse. Things got all Reservoir Dogs on Bob’s Burgers when the local restaurant owners met up at the Moody Foodie’s house for their own slice of the revenge pie. (Side note: Michael Madsen made a cameo as the voice of Kevin Costner on the Tin Cup dvd that was playing in the restaurant towards the end of the episode tonight. On their BehindBobsBurgers Tumblr, the writers of Bob’s Burgers posted a really awesome story behind how Michael Madsen ended up in an episode of Bob’s Burgers that happened to feature a Reservoir Dogs parody.) The Wet Willy/Guillermo Mojado torture dance scene at the end was a hilarious homage to that toe tapping psychopath, Mr. Blonde.

Last season, when Mr. Fischoeder threatened to shut down Bob’s Burgers, it was the first time we saw proof that Bob’s burger making abilities were not simply big talk. I appreciated that the same thing held true tonight and that ultimately the food critic could not resist Bob’s perfect burger. Some might consider Bob’s appearance, his business, and even his family to be a joke, but no one can dispute the fact that he can make a seriously good burger.

I have to wonder how Bob’s restaurant would fare on Gordon Ramsay’s “Kitchen Nightmares” (the UK one, not the US one.) Bob seems like he’d be a perfect fit for a Ramsay-style failing-restaurant makeover. Bob has indisputable talent on the grill, but he’s working with (or against) some truly awful staff in the kitchen. Too bad he simply can’t afford to fire his own wife and children.

“Moody Foody” was another great episode of Bob’s Burgers that successfully played up the food culture humor and continued to develop Bob’s character as a restaurant owner. While I love the episodes of Bob’s Burgers that center around their unusual community or the Belcher’s family and friends, the foodie episodes are the ones where the humor seems to reach outside of Bob’s small world to pull the rest of us right into the parody.