Lake Effects (Hallmark) Starring Jane Seymour & Madeline Zima

Lake Effects (Hallmark)
Lake Effects which premieres Sunday May 6 (8 p.m. ET/PT, 7C) on Hallmark. The movie stars Jane Seymour & Madeline Zima.

Lake Effects Synopsis: “Lake Effects” is the story of a high powered attorney Sara (Thompson) who while on her way to the top reluctantly returns to her childhood home on the enchanting Smith Mountain Lake to attend her father’s (Fahey) funeral and help her sister Lily (Zima) and mother Vivian (Seymour) settle the family estate. While there, Sara’s love for the lake and the townspeople is reignited, and with the help of her father’s ever present spirit, Sara looks inward, discovers the importance of love and family, and gives her all to save the family’s beloved home.

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