Parks and Recreation “Bus Tour” Review

Parks and Recreation - Season 4

“Bus Tour” is the final episode before the season finale of Parks and Recreation and I have to say after the epic episode that was last week, I think this feel a little short. Leslie finds herself the subject of a media frenzy after driving her campaign bus up to the Newport mansion and basically speaks ill of Bobby Newport’s late father.

Andy brings back his FBI alter ego Bert Macklin to investigate a pie incident… and that was pretty much the best part of “Bus Tour”. Chris Pratt is hysterical as Andy, and can always be counted on to make even the sub story line of an episode fantastic. His sleuth skills to avenge Jerry’s honor were amazing.

Then there’s Leslie who takes her bus tour to the Newport mansion where Chris hooks up with Jennifer Barkley. It seems that Leslie’s shot at the campaign might be in danger, but of course, damage control kicks in and she and Bobby Newport actually have a pretty touching moment where he tells people to vote for Leslie (of they aren’t going to vote for him).

I don’t know, there was just something lacking in Parks and Recreation this week. I missed the comedy (aside from Andy’s story line), and thing felt off for whatever reason. I’m blaming it on the epic episode that was “The Debate”, and maybe I’m being a little too harsh on this most recent episode.

“Bus Tour” did set up the option that Leslie might actually not win this election, despite the fact that we as the audience know she’d be perfect in office. I heard it through the grapevine that there are two endings written for next week’s finale depending on if Parks and Recreation is renewed for another season… what do you think? How should this season of Parks and Rec end? Was “Bus Tour” better than I’m thinking? Are you excited for the finale?