In Plain Sight Series Finale – Five Things to Expect

The fifth and final season of In Plain Sight comes to an end tonight. In the series finale, Mary finds herself caught between her “model” witness and an unexpected family reunion, while radical changes take place around the WITSEC office.

Without revealing too much, here are five things you can expect from tonight’s finale:

1. Shannon family reunion – The final season of In Plain Sight has certainly not been without the requisite Shannon family drama. This time around it centered mostly on the short-lived return of James Shannon. Jinx left very early in the season to help Brandi, who was struggling with alcohol addiction. Tonight, Jinx and Brandi return to say a final goodbye to James. Of course, Mary will be responsible for settling her father’s affairs and choosing his final resting place. The ramifications of James Shannon’s return will continue to effect the Shannon family.

2. Classic Mary – Between her father’s death, the return of her mother and sister and a needy witness, Mary is in rare form. She’s snappy, witty, funny and a wee bit irritable. Although it is a series finale, don’t expect Mary to be anything less than her normal self, even though things are rapidly changing around her.

3. Closure – Viewers will feel a complete sense of closure by the episode’s end. The major issues, i.e., the Marshall/Mary will they or won’t they question as well as more recent issues, such as the fate of the Albuquerque WITSEC office will be addressed. Don’t blink or you may miss it. The episode is very fast-paced.

4. Surprise – Brace yourself for a surprise or two for Mary – both personally and professionally – in the final episode.

5. Balance – The In Plain Sight series finale is the perfect balance between sentimental moments and a typical episode with Mary’s barbs and a troubled witness. The episode leaves you with a pretty good sense of how everyone will live in their “happily ever after” without being overly emotional or draining.

The In Plain Sight series finale airs tonight at 10 p.m. EST on the USA Network.