Grimm “Happily Ever Aftermath” Review – No Glass Slippers Here!

Grimm Happily Ever Aftermath Episode 20

While Grimm has given us their version of many fairy tale creatures, there really haven’t been episode that focused primarily on a well known story. That changed this week in “Happily Ever Aftermath” when Grimm decided to put its own spin on Cinderella.

Lucinda and Arnold have been married a little over a year. They have a huge house, nice cars, and what is obviously a ton of money. However it turns out that Arnold has lost most of their money and under the advice of Lucinda’s stepfather, Spencer, decides to go to Lucinda’s wealthy step-mother for a loan.

The step mother says no, and later that night, winds up dead by this crazy bat… thing. The bat lets out a high pitched sound that not only breaks anything made of glass within a few feet, but it also liquefies your eyes and makes you bleed from the ears. Overall, death by giant bat is not a pretty death. Nick and Hank are called the scene with Lucinda’s step sister finds the body of her dead mother.

It turns out that the sisters, Tiffany and Taylor aren’t huge fans of Lucinda, either. They decide that their sister will not reap the benefit of their mother’s passing and Tiffany kicks Lucinda out of the house. As you guessed, things don’t end real well for Tiffany. Lucinda finds out that she and Arnold are basically poor while Spencer attempts to stop her from killing again.

It’s evil Cinderella at her best as the spoiled little blond girl turns out to be a vicious killer. I sort of loved it.

Meanwhile, Juliet does some digging into the death of Nick’s parents (dead parents were apparently the theme of tonight’s Grimm), and finds the detective that initially worked the case. He calls Nick and sends over some files compete with four suspects that were looked at for the murders. Three of them are dead already, but the fourth is still at large and Nick wants to find him. But not this week. Hopefully closure will come to Nick before the season finale in two episodes, but I doubt it.

So what about “Happily Ever Aftermath”? Well, as far as Grimm is concerned, this was a good episode! I appreciate Grimm putting their own spin on such a well known story. The idea of a “Hulked Out” Cinderella (Like Spencer said, Lucinda can’t control herself when she’s angry!) was pretty clever and very well done.

The writer’s version of Cinderella borrowed elements from the original; the step sisters lost their eyes, the “Perfect Slipper” poster in the step mother’s office, a god-parent to help the lost little girl through her life… all great tie ins to the original fairy tale!

Aside from naming the killer of Nick’s parents, “Happily Ever Aftermath” was a stand alone episode; but I feel that Grimm needed that after the several heavy through stories that they’ve been working on in previous episodes.

What did you think of the bat out of hell version of Cinderella? Let me know in comments!

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