Grey’s Anatomy “Let the Bad Times Roll” Review

This week on Grey’s we learned it’s not just Seattle Grace that looks the other way in the face of medical madness, it’s the entire medical community. Gulp.

What was going on back at Seattle Grace was going to have to be fascinating if it was going to pull our attention away from the puking, sweating, panicking bunch back on the West Coast, and it failed to deliver with one exception; Arizona and her poor dying gorgeous friend. Because I don’t care how mad you are at someone, as a medical professional yelling at someone and calling them names is not how you inform them that the end is near. That’s just rude.

Bailey trying to woo the strange doctors barely registered; they were not their doctors, our doctors, and neither the attending nor the audience would accept them as possible replacements.

Derek taking Bailey’s advice to give those who seek advice a metaphor played out in two ways, one extremely odd and one extremely funny. First the funny one, when he told his sister-in-law she’d end up alone by comparing her to a lonely isolated piece of skull, only to have Mark think that particular metaphor was for him. Telling Meredith the test is a mirror turned out to be true, but the weird face to face fade out they were working on the screen just made it seem like they were about to sing a 70s pop song.

Back in California the news that one Seattle Grace doc was going to fail the boards seemed suspect; with the performances the doctors were giving it seemed more likely that only one would pass. Cristina’s back and forth with Mr. Feeny showed her true colors as a decisive doctor and a less than pleasant human being, Avery showed the only thing that can truly unnerve him is his mother, Kepner was in hilarious but no unprecedented melt-down, Alex showed he believes the poor performance can always be fixed with a righteous speech, and poor Meredith was just trying to keep from puking while they made her discuss rectums. Actually everything fit perfectly accept for Kepner’s bathroom hook-up with Avery. I guess once you break your promise to Jesus repeat offenses don’t hurt.

Lexi’s word vomit profession of love was a relief because it was such a long time coming, but Mark’s unreadable face was frustrating and Lexi’s expression of shock when his girlfriend shows up confusing. She knew he had a girlfriend, a girlfriend so serious they were thinking about having children together. Why is it surprising she’d come to take him home?

The final scene of 4/5 doctors dancing with joy was a great return to the old days of Grey’s camaraderie and made it seem even less likely that any of the doctors would choose to leave their home and start their careers in a strange hospital. Who will they eat lunch with and mock all day? I wish they’d explained what Kepner’s fate will be though. Repeat a year like George? Act like everything is completely normal until she retakes the test like Alex? Or maybe her inner monologue about not hiding her faith means she’s going to leave medicine completely and become some sort of missionary.

What did you think of the episode? Will the doctors continue to consider other job offers?