Fairly Legal “Ripple of Hope” Review – Kate and Ben Did What???

Fairly Legal Ripple of Hope Season 2 Episode 8

You know, I’m starting to think I should keep track of the amount of TV shows that have made me throw out the entire book of notes I write throughout the episode because of something they do in the last minutes.

If I did have such a list, tonight’s episode of Fairly Legal, called “Ripple of Hope,” would be right on top. Why? Well, because I was ready to go on and on about how I thought they were doing a great job at drawing Ben out as a character. This guy that I wasn’t sure I liked when they first introduced him, the jerk that annoyed the heck out of Kate (and yes, even me sometimes); within the past few episodes they’ve slowly started to peel back the layers and we’ve seen that there’s more to him than just he pompous ass we met in the beginning.

But through it all I was still going to hold my ground and say that I was not ready for him and Kate to get together romantically. I still have a lot of trepidation when it comes to main characters hooking up on TV shows and I wasn’t ready for these two to go there yet. I was going to discuss how I was excited to see them become friends though. I liked seeing Ben fight to help Kate (even if he denied it) and the next thing I was going to wish for was to see Kate have to do something to fight for Ben.

See? Lots and lots of thoughts and notes all about those two. And what does the show do to me? Has them KISS in the last five seconds of the episode. I mean seriously, what?? I feel pretty much like they looked at the end – dumfounded and confused.

So on the one hand I love Kate and I like Ben, but I still don’t think I’m ready for this. Is it just me or did that happen a little too fast? Well I guess all there is to do now is sit back and watch how this plays out. I’m curious to see what will happen next and nothing will keep me from seeing next week’s episode, that’s for sure.

My favorite bits..

Kate getting everyone to sing Hallelujah in the elevator, even Ben. That was adorable. I loved the way she jumped up and down in excitement when they all joined in.

“Is Leo in love?”
“I plead attorney/client privilege.”

Finding out that Lauren is apparently into petticoats and luggage.

Kate pointing out that if the hunger-strike prisoners ate Ben, their problems would be solved.

“You’re hunger striking for …food??”

A garden program? What a great idea.

“Okay, you’re being sarcastic, that bothers me.” – Oh Ben, I think you’re in for a world of hurt, then.

“The thought of having kids with you must’ve been REALLY upsetting.”

Finding out that Justin spotted Kate and Ben drinking in the bar that night.

Kate actually referring to Ben as a friend. Aw.

Haha, I so knew that Justin was going to ask for his pen back.

Leo getting Lauren to look at the info that he found for Ashley. Go Leo!

Kate screaming “Oh shut up!” at Ben after he made fun of her big fancy exit.

Kate’s surprise when she saw Ben was fighting for an appeal for Leah.

“That, to me, is the legal definition of ‘sucks.'”

Ben trying to pretend that his motives for helping Leah were based only on the fact that he thought he could win. Yeah right, I’m starting to see some cracks in his wall.

“Did you just compare yourself to Benjamin Franklin?”

Both Kate and Ben’s reactions after he asked her to think for one second that he wasn’t like her and she agreed.

“Oh, it is annoying to me that you have a point.”

“What would you do if you knew you could not fail?” – Wow! I love that!

Ben reluctantly admitting to Kate that tilting at windmills was a lot more interesting than whatever it is normal people tilt at.

“What did you do?”
“I just fed him some BS about truth and honesty. That’s how I roll.”

Thinking that Ben’s plea to Leah to lie didn’t sound so bad when he put it the way he did. I think maybe it just might be worth one lie to get your freedom and be able to help your family. Talk about a tough decision though.

Ben holding Kate’s hand.

Wait. WHAT??? A kiss?? I was sooo not expecting that.

What did you think of this episode of Fairly Legal? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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  • Jdub

    Didn’t like the ending at all…..don’t like Kate and Ben together. I hope this flames out real soon

    • Anonymous

      Funny how I sort of agree with you and yet I also sort of agree with the commenter below. Bright side: guess that means I’ll be happy either way. LOL. 

  • Jazzymuri

    I was over the moon when Ben and Kate kissed. I think the relationship her and Justin had was like beating a dead horse. Ben and Kate are opposites but there is a lot of flame and passion, even if they don’t ultimately end up together, it makes for a thrilling roller coaster I am ready to watch.

    • Anonymous

      Like I said above, I sort of agree and yet I also agree with the commenter above. I might be able to jump on board Kate and Ben together, but I need to wait and see what happens. They haven’t convinced me yet. Though I do really like Ben now, which I never thought I would. LOL. 

  • Anonymous

    Was hoping they would take it slow too..build up the passion and chemistry a little more. Flesh out Ben’s character as well. But nevertheless I was totally excited at the kiss.

    • Anonymous

      Well there’s no denying it was a pretty hot kiss. ;o)

  • Leigh

    I am really liking them together.  Opposite in a lot of ways and yet a little bit a like too.  Both of them have different kind of walls they hide behind.  Anyway, the chemistry is there and I like the fact he was drawn to her from the start.  As for Justin, I know some like him with Kate but I am sorry, I am one of those that has a really hard part looking past the fact he cheated on her!  Does not matter how ‘nice’ the writers make him now, that is one you don’t come back from for me. 

  • wolfeman

    Love the show , getting more interesting by the week. I like to see have some love in her life even for a show time. She drains her emotions at every turn she needs some fun. Can’t wait to see what happens.

  • MelissaJ

    What a great episode.  When he took her hand in the car, the rain, the music and the defeat in the case… I was in tears.  

  • Anonymous

    NO, NO, NO, NO AND AGAIN NO!!!!!!  Ben and Kate should not be together – she so belongs to Justin.  Please writers don’t go there.

  • cmc545

    Loved this episode for so many reasons. Ben and Kate are firey and passionate about everything…makes for good chemistry and great viewing.  Justin is a dead-beat at this point…rallied for a divorce, made it seem like she did everything wrong and then ultimately he had cheated on her and great big heart. Justin needs to stand on the sidelines at this point and just watch what he lost. Ben, on the other hand,  ‘gets’ her…and riles her up. And people, he is not as shallow as he appears to be. You can see he likes her….from day 1. Ben had so many great lines when he was trying to figure how Kate could have ever been with dullard Justin. He helped Kate throughout the episode and was smitten by her commitment to help Leah. I like him. And I like them together. She needs someone that will fight for HER the way she fights for everyone. I think Ben can help heal that wounded child in her. It’s gonna take awhile though. I still want them together. I think they’ll be good for each other. Will make for a messy work situation though, so I’m sure that will be fun to watch.  Lastly, that kiss was just perfect! Loved it!  Remember how she teased him in the bar when they first met?  ‘No words, no foreplay, just take me…’  He went for it. 🙂