30 Rock “Queen of Jordan 2: The Mystery of the Phantom Pooper” Review

Tina Fey and the other writers at 30 Rock are clearly hardcore fans of Bravo’s Real Housewives franchise. I love a Queen of Jordan episode and tonight did not disappoint.

Tracy’s wife Angie returned this week with her reality television cameras and entourage in tow. Keeping with the tradition of the Real Housewives cast, Angie returned to 30 Rock a self-proclaimed “octuple-threat.” Let’s revisit Angie’s latest accomplishments:

– a newly-launched clothing line named “Cheek” that was actually pronounced chic – because it’s French;

– reality television star;

– actress;

– singer/song reader;

– perfumist;

– IBS survivor;

– bestselling author of a book Angie did not write; and

– catchphrase coiner “I’ll take that with cheese!”

I actually preferred Angie’s old catchphrase – “ham.” Angie was a hot mess in the special way that only a cast member of one of the Real Housewives shows could be and Sherri Shepherd was in rare form.

In the midst of the reality show madness, Jack learned that the State Department was able to work out an exchange with the North Koreans for his imprisoned wife. Evidently the return of Avery was worth one spy, a crate of Hollister sweatshirts and a signed head shot of Don Johnson. Avery’s release meant the return of her mother as well as the sexual tension between Jack and his mother-in-law. The funniest part of this storyline was Liz saving Jack from having his secret revealed, which in turn finally won her the favor of Angie’s daughter Virginia.

Speaking of Virginia, Liz not getting along with a little girl that could barely speak was absolutely hilarious. I loved Virginia’s facial expressions and the funniest moment of the night was when Virginia and Liz both wore the same dress to Angie’s fashion show.

Other favorite moments/quotes from the return of the Queen of Jordan to 30 Rock:

– Liz Lemon being identified as Lisa Lampinelli

– Tracy pointing out all of the men with whom Liz had failed relationships as his justification for calling her a slut.

– The reference to the “empty love tank” straight out of the Real Housewives of Orange County.

– The controversy over being seen holding a Black baby, which actually happened on the Real Housewives of Atlanta.

– A drunken Liz referring to stolen hangers, which happened on the Real Housewives of New York. If it wasn’t already apparent, the entire Real Housewives franchise is absolutely ridiculous.

– Jenna learning to cry at Adrien Brody’s unaccredited acting school.

– Grizz’s Game of Thrones reference.

– Everything about Gus.

– “That’s right, I read World War II history mother fu!#@rs!”

– D’Fwan calling Liz “E-lie-zabeth” and using the word betwixt, which is straight out of Blanch Devereaux’s mouth on the Golden Girls.

– Who knew Lutz had such a huge office?

The Queen of Jordan always makes for a funny episode of 30 Rock. It was a really great follow-up to last week’s live episode. What did you think about Angie’s return? Sound off below!