The Big Bang Theory “The Launch Acceleration” Review

Hey guys! Your regular reviewer is out this week, so I’ll be covering tonight’s episode of The Big Bang Theory “The Launch Acceleration”.

With only one episode left before the season five finale, tonight’s installment opened with a pretty big revelation: Howard’s space mission has been cancelled! We’ve always known that Howard has had some trepidation about this mission, but it was still funny to see him so elated at the news. Howard trying to convince Bernadette to give him a reason to cancel the mission, while they did nothing but encourage him at every turn, were the highlights of the episode. I was a bit confused by Howard hiding his real feelings from Bernadette, though. Especially after their big fight last week, why exactly doesn’t he want to tell her that he’s so scared about going into space? I guess he wants her to believe he’s this big-shot, macho tough guy, but the guy wears skin-tight neon pants and lives with his freaking mother. Why not just fess up and tell Bernadette how you feel?!

Speaking of Bernadette, we finally met her dad! Mr. Rostenkowski was played by Casey Sander from Grade Under Fire, and he did a great job living up to the tough as nails ex-cop that Bernadette told us about. He also had the most heartwarming/hilarious line of the night with “It’ll be OK son. Bernadette’s a pretty girl…She’ll find a new guy”.

Meanwhile, Leonard proposed to Penny in bed. I’m a little sick of the back and forth between these two. What is this, the fifth time they’ve gotten back together? Sixth time? Anyway, this is still a pretty big step for them, and it shows how devoted to Penny Leonard really is. If Bernadette and Howard don’t actually get married next week, here’s hoping we get a real proposal for these two!

My least favorite story of the night was definitely Sheldon and Amy. It’s funny in theory that she’s trying to subconsciously cause Sheldon to develop deeper feelings for her, but Amy is just an irritating character. I know that she’s been polarizing with most fans ever since her introduction a few seasons back, but I’ve only ever enjoyed her when she’s interacting with the other girls. I’m hoping we get some real development between her and Sheldon in the season finale, as they can’t have this type of relationship forever.

What did you guys think of the episode? What do you think will happen in the season finale? Sound off in the comments section below!

Random Thoughts:

– I guess this episode wasn’t for Raj fans. He was only in one scene!

– Is the Super Mario Bros. theme not copyrighted? Maybe it’s just been around for so long it’s becoming public domain.

– Do they actually make that inter-dimensional chess game? It looks pretty awesome!