Supernatural Thursdays: Why I Think Bobby Can Survive Ghost-Hood

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From the first moment we met Bobby Singer – back at the end of season one when John was captured by demons and Sam and Dean needed his help – I knew that I liked him. I could see right away that this was a guy that the boys (and John) could turn to whenever they were in trouble and he would do whatever it took to pull them out of the fire. He has been there since the boys were wee ones and has even put in an effort to try and make their lives normal whenever he could (who could forget him defying John’s orders so that Dean could enjoy a game of catch?).

When Bobby died I was devastated, but thanks to the efforts of Jim Beaver and the rest of the cast and crew, I got the biggest and best surprise ever when he returned. Sure he’s a ghost and I know that I may be in the minority with my theory, but I still think that he can survive this. I think that Bobby becoming a ghost is one of the most clever character transformations I’ve ever seen on Supernatural. And I’m saying this about a show that has had characters change from being soulless, angels become almost human, people going to Hell and back, hunters becoming vampires, etc.

The reasons why I believe Bobby can make his condition work for him stem mostly from the fact that I believed wholeheartedly in him as a man. I see no reason to change my mind now that he’s crossed over into Ghostland. Despite what we saw in “The Girl With The Dungeons and Dragons Tattoo” I am holding strong to the idea that he can come through this without losing his mind. In fact, I’m even wondering if his status as a spirit may actually be more helpful than anyone realizes. After all, he was able to give Dick Roman a pretty good ass-kicking in that episode.

Here’s why I think Bobby can endure ghost-hood.

He’s always been there for the boys

Supernatural - Like A Virgin

Bobby Singer was a man who would literally drop everything to help the ones that he loved, none more that Sam and Dean Winchester. We should not forget that his current condition was brought about by that protective instinct. Bobby chose this awful existence between life and death for his adopted boys. He gave up heaven to stand with them and give them the information he believed they needed to defeat the Leviathans.

A man who does that is not a man that I think can be defeated easily. Also I think that if he really, truly thought that he would lose control enough to seriously hurt someone; he would ask to be destroyed just as any hunter worth their rock salt would.

He’s still a hunter

Supernatural - Weekend at Bobby's

Sure Bobby is made of more mist than blood and bone these days but underneath that he’s still a hunter. Not just any hunter either; he’s one of the best. Bobby was the guy that other hunters sought out when they needed assistance with their cases. Hunters like Bobby choose to devote their lives to helping the helpless. They fight horrible creatures so that innocent people can live the lives that they themselves rarely get to have.

Yes we saw in last week’s episode that Bobby is susceptible to the rage that seems to come with dodging your reaper, but I think that his instincts as a hunter will overcome it. Of if not over come it, at least learn to channel it or control it. He felt worse than anyone about hurting Charlie and I think it was a valuable lesson he needed to learn. I think he needed to see how bad it could get so that he could know how to not let that happen again.

He (hopefully) has help

Supernatural - Like A Virgin

We’ve seen on the show that ghosts who escape the clutches of their reapers do so in order to stay with their loved ones. Trouble is those loved ones don’t know about ghosts. So try as they might, those poor souls are never able to communicate with their friends and families and slowly begin to lose their minds. Or maybe they stayed behind because they were angry about their death and wanted revenge. Either way they are on their own.

Because of their unique career choice, Sam, Dean and Bobby are all aware of what happens after you die. They know the ins and outs of what makes a ghost, as well as what destroys it. They say that knowledge is power and I think that if any group of people could control those deadly ghost impulses, it would be them. If Sam and Dean would decide to help Bobby rather than simply get rid of him, they might be surprised to find that there are other options out there.

It might lead him to a way back to life

The Man Who Knew Too Much

Again, I realize that this opinion may be in the minority so just hear me out for a second before you dismiss it completely. We’ve seen time and time again on Supernatural that death is not always as cut and dry as it seems. So far, Bobby’s death does indeed seem to be permanent, which is why I have discussed why I think he’ll survive as a ghost.

But there’s another alternative. If Bobby can make it through ghost-hood long enough, who knows what they might find? What if there’s a way he can make it back? Sam and Dean have done it multiple times, even Cas has survived his brushes with death – why not Bobby? And for those who may argue that there should be an end sometimes, my only question is: then what? Would you rather we lose Bobby forever, so that there is closure? To that I say “Screw closure! I’d rather have Bobby back.” – but that’s just me.


Alright folks, you know the drill. Sound off in the comments below and let me know what you think about Bobby’s current condition. Do you think he can make it as a ghost? Do you think he can help Sam and Dean? Would you rather they just burn his flask now before he hurts anyone else? I love hearing from you!

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