Person of Interest “Many Happy Returns” Review

Happy birthday, Mr. Reese! Person of Interest returned tonight with “Many Happy Returns”, and we find out that apparently Mr. Finch takes the idea of birthdays pretty darn seriously! Seriously enough that he’s willing to lie to Reese about having a number to work and give him the day off! It’s a bit hard to believe that Finch would be willing to take on a person of interest all by himself, or that Reese would buy his reason for the reprieve, but whatever.

Our PoI this week was Karen Garner, played by the beautiful (And curvaceous!) Dagmara Dominczyk. Dagmara starred opposite Jim Caviezel in the wonderful 2002 adaptation of The Count of Monte Cristo, so it’s nice to see them have a little reunion here. Reese’s birthday vacation didn’t last long, though, as he’s quickly on the trail of Karen alongside Finch.

I’ve always loved Reese’s demeanor on this show, as part of the whole bad-assery of his character comes from his detached personality. Seeing him non-chalantly enter a den full of bad guys and incapacitate all of them without batting an eye was always so satisfying, but he’s always been so smart about it. That’s why I really didn’t understand his reasoning behind assaulting an entire office of deputy marshals. First of all, this blows Jennings’ US Marshal cover and forces him to go rogue and take Sarah hostage instead of taking her into custody. Second, this puts a whole lot more attention on him from the federal agents that are already pretty hot on his tail! Not the smartest move, John!

Meanwhile, we’re getting a little extra backstory of Reese and his history with his old girlfriend, Jessica. When Carter goes up to New Rochelle, she finds out that Jessica stopped waiting for Reese and eventually married a dude called Peter Arndt. It turns out Peter was abusive and cruel to Jessica, and that he accidentally killed her and staged her death to look like an accident. Even though we never actually saw Reese kill Peter, we at least got one amazing scene between the two of them. Seeing Reese sitting there in the dark, watching the woman that should have been his get married to a complete degenerate, and his eyes welling up with tears at the mere thought of it…wow. What a great scene. I usually love seeing Reese beat people up, but I didn’t even need it in that scene. What we got was satisfying enough.

It was a bit strange that we didn’t hear anything about Reese’s old partner this episode, seeing as how the reveal that she’s still alive was a bit of a cliffhanger last week. We did get a cool little bit of information in that Finch has been researching Reese for a long time, and it will be interesting to see if he ever tells Reese about that. With only two episode left after tonight, it will be interesting to see how everything is wrapped up! I can’t wait!

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Random Thoughts:

– Reese’s beard in his flashbacks had to be one of the worst fake beards I’ve ever seen on television. Where did the makeup department get their beards? Tom, the Other from LOST?

– Dagmara Dominczyk, the lady who played tonight’s PoI, was born and raised in Kielce, Poland. It’s always fascinating to me hearing foreign actors try to cover up their accents, and she did a pretty good job!

– “Jennings” is a pretty common last name. Shouldn’t they have double-checked that the US Marshal was married to the PoI before automatically jumping to that conclusion.