Law and Order: SVU “Father Dearest” Review

Law & Order Special Victims Unit (SVU) Justice Denied Season 13 Episode 17 (3)
Law and Order: SVU upped the ick factor this week with “Father Dearest,” the very creepy story of a man (James Van der Beek) who not only tricked several teenage girls into thinking he was their biological father, but then seduced them and left at least one of them pregnant.

Why would someone do that? Well, as revenge, of course. In the course of the investigation, it became clear that their suspect wasn’t actually the man who donated the sperm that gave life to the girls years earlier, as none of the girls picked him out of a line-up. It was the man whose life he ruined first by revealing that he cheated on his MCAT’s, and then by sort-of stealing his girlfriend.

It’s always fun to see Van der Beek play an evil guy; he digs into those kind of roles and this was no exception. Even just seeing him slow dance with his final victim, the daughter of his rival and his ex, was absolutely creepy. But the idea that he could convince girls who truly thought he was their father into sleeping with him…that’s just really pushing it. I suppose that’s what it takes on SVU now. After thirteen seasons, we’re all a bit desensitized. It takes willing, if not actually genuine, incest to make us shake our heads.

It was nice to see Dr. Wong back after his very quiet departure, although it would have been nicer if they’d given him more to do. He didn’t even get to question the suspect, even though the man was clearly insane. Or at least a sociopath, especially after he made his ex and her husband think he’d killed their daughter, instead of just brainwashing her into believing he was her real father.

A very icky episode all around, but with a great guest spot by Van der Beek. Dawson’s come a long, long way.

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