CSI “Dune and Gloom” Review

CSI Dune and Gloom Season 12 Episode 21 (6)
Domestic terrorist cell or old-fashioned murder? The team had to figure that out when a dune buggy race across the desert turned deadly in “Dune and Gloom,” this week’s episode of CSI.

In the end, the three guys who built the exploding buggy were just three mental patients who made a connection, wanted to win a race, but ended up being exploited by an old man who wanted revenge on an oil company who he blamed for his miserable life. Honestly, it was a little bit sadder than the average episode as one member of the team was left to deal with the betrayal and the deaths of his only friends. Not a happy hour of television.

But we did get to delve into the personal a little more. DB and Sara spent some of the episode bonding. He told her the story of his cousin who had the same personality disorder as one of the buggy team members; apparently the cousin’s life ended tragically, too, although he didn’t go into details. Sara must be starting to trust DB because she empathized with his story and even went so far as to mention her mother. They seem to work well together, and it’s always nice to see Sara get more screen time.

It was doubly nice that some of that screen time involved her and Greg. Way back in the day, Greg had such a crush on Sara. It flattered her, but she wasn’t interested in anyone but Grissom. Then Greg become a CSI and Sara become his mentor. Now that time has passed and she’s married and he’s matured, their relationship has evolved into friends who happen to be co-workers. They like and respect each other, and it comes through in their scenes together.

Meanwhile, there’s a growing triangle between Greg, Morgan and Hodges. We’ve already seen Hodges and Morgan bond a bit, and apparently Ecklie is dating Hodges’ mom, but the lab seems to think that Greg and Morgan are the more natural couple. They flirt in the desert, he owes her a drink, etc. But when someone mentions Hodges to Morgan, she does the classic denial dance, a clear indicator of unwanted interest. But if Hodges ever wants a shot with her, he’d better change his cologne.

The case of the week might have been pretty standard, but the personal stuff in between more than made up for it. Next week is the finale and we’ve been promised big things. Will they deliver?

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