The L.A. Complex “Do Something” Review – Who Expected THAT Ending?!

The L.A. Complex Do Something Episode 2 (4)

While already airing in Canada for a while tonight was the second episode of The L.A. Complex for those of us here in the states. The series seems to be off to a pretty decent start; the cast is strong, the writing is done well, and the concept is entertaining. Not to mention Jewel Staite makes everything she’s in wonderful.

Remember last week when Alicia (Chelan Simmons) told Abby (Cassie Steele) that she could get her a job and had her dancing in a strip club a few seconds later? Well, it takes Abby approximately twenty seconds to get fired from said strip club, but don’t fret – her agent got her an audition for a guest spot. As a hooker. She runs into Raquel (Jewel Staite) at the same audition and the two share a bonding moment with Abby is let go by the producers faster than she got fired from the strip club.

Meanwhile, Connor (Jonathan Patrick Moore) is working on his series and, being an awesome friend, gets Nick (Joe Dinicol) a job as a stand-in. While he’s working on set (and eating his weight in the catered food), we discover that Nick is truly horrible with women.

On the other hand, Connor is a little too good with the women folk and ends up with his co-star thinking that “running lines” means sleeping together, Abby calling to hang out, and Raquel showing up in his trailer for some extra curricular activities. You’d think this would end well, but instead Connor ends up at home alone that night memorizing rewrites. It seems that the series might be a little more than Connor bargained for!

Back on the Raquel/Abby front. Raquel’s agent is attempting to convince her that she’s perfect for the guest spot and that the directors loved her when Abby gets the phone call that she actually got the part. YAY ABBY! But at the same time, poor Raquel.

And then let’s talk about Tariq (Benjamin Charles Watson). He is given the opportunity to work with Kaldrick King (Andra Fuller) a famous rapper. Obviously Tariq is thrilled with this turn of events, and the second King was introduced into The L.A. Complex I was highly irritated.

His story line with Tariq was the most stereotypical writing that I had ever had the misfortune of witnessing. It was legitimately making me angry every time the story would flip back to Tariq and King. The amount of “aint’s” and strip clubs, and just every other stereotype that could be written into a “rap” story line were laughable… and then, THEN, The L.A. Complex went and threw in that ending (which I won’t spoil for those of you that haven’t seen it yet) which blew my freaking mind and wiped away all traces of the stereo typing I referred to earlier.

While it is only the second episode of The L.A. Complex, I feel the show has a great spot on The CW and I sincerely hope it sticks around! What are your thoughts of The L.A. Complex?

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