Private Practice “True Colors” Review

Tonight’s episode of Private Practice was all about showing off the doctors’ bad sides. Their worst sides, to be more specific.

Our first doctor behaving badly is Sam. Sam, who is the one who ended things with Addison, who is her neighbor and suppose to be her friend graciously volunteers to watch Henry for an hour or so when her sitter falls through. How sweet you might say if you had forgotten what a petty jerk Sam can become. When Addison swings by to say thanks, he’s super pissy, and she’s rightly angered by his attitude about doing her a tiny favor. Later Sam mulls about the state of flux of their non-relationship. Nothing is accomplished.

Amelia has now moved past her vicious lashing out phase, which is a relief because watching her bash everyone who tried to reach out wasn’t entertaining. When she becomes excited because her baby kicks then quickly reminds herself that as a neurosurgeon she knows what’s actually going, the writers seem to have forgotten that not everyone in the audience is a neurosurgeon. Is she imagining it? Can the baby really have any motion without a growing brain to control muscle impulses? We may never know, because unlike Grey’s Anatomy that sometimes drops a medical definition in between the hook-ups, Private Practice pointedly ignores medicine. It also looks like there might be something going on between Amelia and Riley, which is really unhealthy. Still, they have to find someone new for him since he creepily let drop the fact that he won’t be calling up Addison again remarking he, “doesn’t go to the same well twice.” Maybe it’s just because that’s in such sharp contrast to the other on-off-on relationships that dominate the practice, but that declaration seemed kind of harsh.

Who would have thought that Charlotte would become the most likable doctor at the practice? While Cooper whines about his son’s lack of communication Charlotte is able to take control of the situation, getting him to obey all while Cooper refuses to give her true parental status. Normally the immaturity in his personal life is balanced out when he advocates for his pediatric patients, but Violet was right, it was really obvious his insistence his transgendered patient get help was a case of him transferring his own unsolvable problems with his son. I know it’s highly unlikely, but I really hope that patient returns to be Mason’s BFF. The ease with which they exchanged personal traumas then went to quite happily play was almost funny in it’s simplicity, but it was a sweet moment as well.

And winning the crown for the worst doctor and person of the night is Pete, who manages to cloak his inability to work on his relationship with his wife in altruism. While saying I’m going to move out of state so we don’t have to talk about our feelings would obviously make him a jerk, I have to go to a poor village and help a poor woman and her child seems like a charitable thing to do. Of course the fact that the mother ran from immigration means he no longer has an excuse to leave Violet so he’ll either have to suck it up and talk of become the obvious bad guy.

What did you think of this week’s episode? Will Violet and Pete get back together?