NCIS: Los Angeles “Touch Of Death” Review – Hawaii Five-0 Guys Make a Nice Addition to the Team

NCIS: Los Angeles Touch Of Death

The Hawaii Five-0 and NCIS: Los Angeles crossover event concluded last night in NCISLA’s “Touch of Death.” Pretty clever that both episodes had the same title, with H50’s being in Hawaiian.

When I reviewed the first part of the crossover on Monday, I wished for more crossovers and now I have to second that. In fact I nearly demand it. I need another crossover simply because there is too much that I know we missed without Steve being there. Danny and Deeks messing with each other was pure gold to watch and I have to wonder who Steve would have interacted with the most. Would he have flirted with Kensi? Maybe given Callen some grief in that Navy Seal way that Sam does? For now we can only wonder.

But getting back to last night’s episode, Danny and Chin fly out to LA on the hunt for the deadly virus that could conceivably take out the whole world if no one stops the person behind it. They start their search with Dr. Proderman, who is played by Rob Benedict and who I adore. In fact I was almost a little sad that he didn’t turn out to be their head bad guy, but only a lowly bad guy. I would like to have seen more of him. After a lot of twists and turns, the team finds that it’s a Dr. Rachel Holden behind the plot; a woman who thinks that wiping out a good portion of the earth’s population is a good idea. Talk about a loon.

During it all, I got the biggest kick out of Danny and Deeks’ scenes (I swear all those two had to do was *look* at each other and I was cracking up), and also Kensi and Deeks’ argument about her flirting with the cute guys from Hawaii. Plus everyone ganging up on Deeks and Danny when they had to get their shots. I truly doubt that it’s possible to drop any cast in with another cast and get chemistry that works as well as it did with these two teams. After a while it didn’t even feel odd to see Chin and Danny there, it was like they belonged in LA.

So yes, my vote is definitely in – lots more crossovers please! Also, how about let’s try this with a few more shows and see what happens? Just sayin’.

My favorite bits..

Finding it so weird to be watching a show with a flight landing at LAX, when I was just there a couple hours ago. Talk about déja vu.

“I can’t believe the one time we want a flight delayed, the freaking thing is on time.” – You said it sister.

Danny reminding everyone else that civilians like to land in one piece. Yep, I’ll vouch for that.

“Don’t get philosophical on me, it creeps me out.”

Knowing just how serious things were when Eric came down and just did a regular whistle (no bird call or bullhorn, etc) to get everyone’s attention.

Danny remarking that he felt like he should be ordering margaritas when he saw the OSP headquarters.

Deeks warning Danny that Hetty had ears like a bat, and Danny asking if she slept upside down, too.

Hetty using the phrase “up to our asses in alligators.”

“Ten bucks says one of them goes down.” – My money’s on Deeks. (Yes! I totally would’ve won that bet.)

“I’m sorry, wait. I may feel a little what?”
“Probably not his first time.” – LOL! Loving Deeks and Danny together.

Sam’s “man down” after Deeks’ scream and the sound of his body hitting the floor.

“You are certifiably insane.”
“I’m not the one presenting my scent glands to everybody.”

“That’s because it crawled out of your gym bag and I shot it to put it out of its misery.” – NOTE: That entire conversation was so good that I had to rewind and rewatch it at least three times because I kept missing dialogue due to my uncontrollable laughter.

“They’re cops, not the Skipper and Gilligan.” – Hm, I don’t know. Danny occasionally acts a little Gilligan-like.

Callen refusing to talk about….you know what. But really, who can blame him? He’s been um, you-know-what, a lot.

Sam suggesting that Callen start scrapbooking their cases as a hobby.

“Los Angeles; where the crazy come to vacation.” LOL! I need that on a t-shirt, like, now.

Yay! They caught Chuck. Oops, I mean God. OOPS, I mean Dr. Prodeman. I keep getting them confused.

“Yep, just knock my stuff out of my way.” – Aw, poor Eric.

Danny’s “That’s it, you’re out?” when Deeks let Kensi take him down so fast in their verbal spar.

Danny and Deeks taking shots at each other’s hair. Classic.

Not being the least bit surprised when Deeks came out in the nurse’s uniform. I do like the way he found to get Kensi back for it though.

Eric using the pictures of the victims to keep him focused. I love how they used him as the voice of gravity; to show how serious this case was, even through all the hilarity that was thrown in.

“Hold up, you’re a genius.”
“Well yeah……wait, what do you mean?”

“It was disgusting, have you ever put in a catheter?”
“Not professionally.” – Um, I don’t think I ever need to know the story behind that answer.

“Robo-Kensi never talks to me like that.”

Danny freaking out when everyone was smiling but him.

Sam asking Holden what would happen if her pandemic killed the people who could someday solve the world’s problems.

Danny and Deeks agreeing on what sort of reward they would like for saving the world. It makes sense that they’d both pick Vegas. Now there’s an episode I’d love to see!

Hetty walking up behind Danny while he was talking about her.

“Now we know where to go to get a Deeks replacement.”
“Can’t we just get one from the pound like last time?”

Deeks trying to argue that he wasn’t cheeky like Danny, he was charming. Ha! They’re both cheeky and charming.

Final Funny Blackout Moment: Hetty listing off all the ways that the place would be different without Deeks.

What did you think of this episode of NCIS: Los Angeles? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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