The Simpsons “A Totally Fun Thing That Bart Will Never Do Again” Review

The Simpsons A Totally Fun Thing That Bart Will Never Do Again Season 23 Episode 19
This week’s episode of The Simpsons began with Bart having just another manic Monday, which served as the opening of a yet another ho-hum week in the life of the precocious ten-year-old. In fact, Bart’s boredom was so palpable Maggie offered him a round on her pacifier.

A commercial for Royalty Cruises that underplays (their words) how amazing the experience is, piqued Bart’s interest as the solution to the monotony that plagued him.

After selling all of his possessions and a sweet gesture from Lisa and Marge, The Simpsons were cruise-bound. The commercial really did underestimate the cruise ship’s grandeur. Even Bart could not resist his natural childlike inclination to act unimpressed by all things – even those that are impressive. Upon seeing his private bedroom in the The Simpsons’ twice-upgraded room he passed out cold. Loved it.

Marge and Homer discovered the joys of ocean sex as Lisa reveled in activities with PBS-level diversity and Bart tackled his fun schedule. Surely an experience so perfect could not come without a price.

It turned out that the cruise was as awesome as advertised with no strings attached. As a result, Bart could not handle the return to real life looming ahead. Who could blame Bart for becoming depressed about the cruise’s end after hearing the cruise director’s closing song that was nothing short of a melodic killjoy. Bart’s belief that the cruise would be the highpoint of his life was pretty sad for an animated show with a main character who has an unhealthy obsession with cartoon monkeys.

Not ready to return to his monotonous life, Bart convinced passengers that they were being quarantined with the assistance of a straight-to-DVD movie starring Treat Williams. That guy really is in everything. Unfortunately, Bart’s plan proved to be short-sighted as he did not anticipate the consequences of continuing a cruise with no supplies. I loved that the smart kids decided it was necessary to preserve important cultural artifacts, which included X-Men. Ha!

Bart learned the lesson that so many of of us learn on vacation – we all eventually reach the point when we need a vacation from our vacation. Thankfully Bart saw that there was more to his life with the assistance of some penguins. I couldn’t help but think how cold everyone would have been wearing cruise apparel in an arctic temperature. Oh well.

Favorite moments and observations . . .

“We’re just kids, we can’t afford things with zeroes in the prices.” – Lisa

Moe eating Bart’s baby teeth as a source for calcium was disturbing even for him.

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