How I Met Your Mother “Good Crazy” Review

Tonight’s episode of How I Met Your Mother, “Good Crazy,” was mostly a springboard for the episodes that would wrap up the season in a couple weeks. While it felt like there wasn’t a whole lot that actually happened in “Good Crazy,” I realize that all the pieces needed to be moved into place for the events that have been hinted at all season long.

Barney’s confidence devouring obsession with Quinn’s line of work continued to be the main focus for his character. After avoiding talking to Quinn about it for so long, he finally snapped and asked that she find a new line of work – even going so far as to create a new corporate position for her with his bank.

Although I sympathized with Barney’s insecurities in earlier episodes, part of me felt that he got exactly what he bargained for when he started dating Quinn. She was clear about her intentions and she never suggested that she was unhappy dancing, or that she felt obligated to continue dancing.

I got a better idea of why Barney was so obsessed with Quinn’s occupation after we saw exactly how invasive “Karma” was during off-work hours. Her creepy customers’ comments seemed more like casual harassment. While I might assume that’s part of the gig when she’s at the Lusty Leopard, I can see how Barney would get so frustrated hearing that kind of conversation directed at his girlfriend when she’s not being paid for it.

Quinn ended up needing time to think things over. I have a feeling that her earlier comment to Barney – when she explained that she might stop dancing if she was married – will probably work its way back into the story.

Ted was still trying to get over Robin, but after going on a series of unsuccessful “palate cleanser” dates, he realized that even if his romantic feelings for her would never be reciprocated, he still missed their friendship. While I was initially interested in the prospect of Ted trying out online dating, this story line ended up feeling a too drawn out and I got a tired of the whole Robin-is-everyone-bit towards the end.

After Ted and Robin had last talked earlier this season, Ted mentioned in his narration that it would be the last time he saw Robin for a very long time. I had expected that their time apart would be much longer than just the last few episodes. Time seems to have passed rather quickly between episodes, but I was still not expecting that they would run into one another so soon.

If the first act of tonight’s How I Met Your Mother felt like the slow uphill climb on a roller coaster, the final act was that heart pounding lurch just over the peak. We found out how Marshall and Barney wound up in that casino, we saw the return of Barney’s ducky tie, and might have witnessed the last cigarette that Marshall would ever have on the day of his son’s birth. On its own, tonight’s episode might not have been all that remarkable, but it appears to be setting us up for one heck of a wild ride.