Hawaii Five-0 “Pa Make Loa” Review – The Crossover with NCIS:Los Angeles Begins With a Bang!

Hawaii Five-0 (CBS) Pa Make Loa (Touch of Death)

After watching tonight’s episode of Hawaii Five-0, called “Pa Make Loa” (which means “Touch of Death”) all I can say is – more crossovers please!

In fact, the only bad thing that I can say about this one is that it was missing McGarrett. But I know that couldn’t be helped so it’s really more of a wish than a complaint. I’m sure we’ll see him in the next crossover (yes, I’m totally assuming that it will happen again).

McGarrett does make an appearance of sorts, though. When the episode starts we see Danny in Steve’s house going through all of his papers and trying to figure out what his partner is doing. Danny finds a clue to where he thinks Steve may have gone but before he and Chin can act on it they are called off to deal with a man who died of smallpox after being injected with the disease.

The crew from NCIS:Los Angeles comes in when Callen’s mortal enemy, Comescu, is found to be connected to the unusual murder. Sam and Callen fly out and that’s when things got fun. I mean yeah sure there was a case to be solved and no one can ignore the fact that Callen ended up shooting Comescu, but I can’t help but to talk mostly about the crossover aspect of this one. Getting to see the personalities that I love so much on their own shows interact with each other was a blast. Sam taking over the McGarrett role with Danny and giving him crap about his wardrobe, fighting with him in the car – all of that was fantastic and just the sort of moments I had been looking forward to ever since I heard these shows were going to merge.

The best part is that it’s not over yet. Now it’s Danny and Chin’s turn to enter Sam and Callen’s territory and I cannot wait to see the whole NCIS:LA crew work with them.

My favorite bits..

“What happened?”
“Aside from waking up a foot shorter; my worst nightmare.”

Getting completely grossed out by the close-up pictures of the victim.

Danny ensuring the mom that she 100% did the right thing by not opening the door to her ex-husband.

“You want us to check out a smallpox infected room?”
“That sounds like a real hoot.”

Really trying not to worry when Danny kept scratching his arm.

“Mosquito bite? What do you know, you’re not a doctor.”
“No, but you’re a hypochondriac.”

Kono referring to the bag of clothes as “hazardous goodies.”

Chin asking if Kono’s text was from a boy and if he was cute. LOL!

Danny remarking that Dracul Comescu was not, in fact, a vampire.

Callen + Sam + Danny = Totally awesome. All that was missing was McGarrett.

Sam asking what Danny’s car’s name was. Haha! Of COURSE he should name his car. Doesn’t everybody name their cars? Mine is named Rocky.

Kinda loving that Sam and Callen got split up and ended up driving with Chin and Danny separately.

“Hold it steady? You shoot like Ray Charles.”

Danny and Sam getting into a cargument! Haha! Love it!

Okay seriously, all these guys together is close to hotness overload. If McGarrett were in this one I’m pretty sure my TV would self-destruct.

Danny saying that he was leaving as soon as he found out that he technically should be wearing a mask. I find his self-preservation instincts quite smart.

“We take the playbook and we set it on fire.” – Yep, that’s definitely taking a page out of McGarrett’s book.

Danny’s giggle when he told the driver that he had no idea what was in the needle.

OMG! Enver Gjokaj too??! Uh oh…… *TV explodes*. (see? Told you guys it would happen)

Sam making fun of Danny’s clothes. Yep, he’s definitely taking McGarrett’s place in this one.

Kono making that shot. Nice!

“Don’t flatter yourself, I came for the weather.”

Callen’s “right back at ya” when Comescu claimed that Callen ruined his life.

Callen killing Comescu. Wow! Did not expect that to happen so fast.

“I wasn’t talking about smallpox.”
“I know.” – Sam taking that moment to check in on Callen was great.

Danny and Chin taking Sam and Callen to Kamekona’s fish truck.

Sam naming Danny’s car Winifred.

“What’s wrong with Misty?”
“It’s a stripper name.”
“I’m okay with that.” – Strangely enough, I am too. I like Misty as a name for his car. I hope now that he’s named it, Steve will let Danny drive it when he gets back.

AHA! I knew that happened too fast and too easily.

Wait. Rob Benedict too??? This ep is killing me! So much good stuff!

For once loving the words “To Be Continued” flashing across my screen, but only because they were followed by “on NCIS: Los Angeles.” – Woot!

What did you think of this episode of Hawaii Five-0? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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