Gossip Girl “Raiders of the Lost Art” Review

Before I get into this review of “Raiders of the Lost Art,” this week’s episode of Gossip Girl, I’d like to make something clear. Yes, I do think Chuck and Blair make far more sense as a pairing than Dan and Blair, but, no, I am not a rabid Chair fan. I do, however, have every intention of continuing to support Chuck and Blair until the writers do something to make me get at all invested in Dan and Blair. Considering what happened in this episode, they don’t seem to be in a great rush to do that. In fact, I would go so far as to say they aren’t a hundred percent sold on Dair either.

If we the audience are supposed to get behind Dan and Blair, why are they presenting Dan as a jealous, paranoid nitwit who lied to his girlfriend’s face about his decision to turn down an opportunity she wanted him to have just so that he could keep an eye on her all summer? Why are they having Blair literally push attractive women away from Chuck? If I was writing a recap, I could just say that these things happened and draw no conclusions. But I’m writing a review; it requires an opinion. And I just can’t shake the feeling that we’re heading for a Dallas-esque finale, with Chuck waking up in the hospital after the car accident, having dreamed all of it.

Because Chuck’s father is alive and hiding in a clandestine brothel run by Diana and Jack? Really? I know people fake their deaths in dramas all the time, but if this resurrection isn’t Chuck’s subconscious playing tricks on him, then Mr. Bass has some e’splainin’ to do. Namely why he’s gone to such ridiculous lengths to hide himself. Why didn’t he just disappear into South America or Mexico? It just seems a bit ludicrous, but I will try to withhold judgment until we have all of the facts.

The real twists and turns of the night came from Lola and Nate’s efforts to trick Serena into giving up Gossip Girl, and Serena’s shoddy efforts to keep the gang from decoding Diana’s personal journal, which eventually gave up the location of her brothel. It was all a big cat and mouse game which was actually pretty fun to watch, but ended with poor Serena getting the boot as Gossip Girl slipped through her fingers and made off with her laptop. Left without a website and nearly without friends, Serena took another step down the depression ladder. Will someone rescue her before she’s too far gone?

Here is my opinion. It is a hundred times more interesting to watch Chuck and Blair walk side-by-side than it is to watch her and Dan kiss. I can’t help it. That is my opinion. Is it the writing or just the chemistry between the actors? I don’t know. Probably both. But that’s how I feel when I watch this show. You, however, are always entitled to your own opinion.

So, what is that opinion? Let me know below!