Eureka “Force Quit” Review

Eureka "Force Quit" Review

It’s been a rough seven days for Eureka fans since the shocking end to last week’s episode. The death of Holly Marten (played by Felicia Day) was quite a shocker to everyone, and the stakes are only going to get higher the longer the Astraeus crew remains in the hands of the bad guys. This week’s episode has Carter, Henry, and Jo receiving help from an unlikely source to try and get the crew back. In Dreamland the glitches are multiplying, meaning more of the crew is starting to suspect something’s wrong and therefore putting themselves in greater danger.

The enemy of my enemy is my friend (at least for now)

While Carter and Henry were able to find the location of the Astraeus ship, they still need to find the crew. While Carter’s suspicions focus on Senator Wen there’s not a lot of evidence to back that up or help them get any closer to find the crew. That’s when Beverly Barlowe suddenly shows up in Carter’s office (I call it deus ex Barlowe) with a way to get the crew back. She only needs a volunteer to enter Dreamland and blow up the vistual Astraeus ship, and Carter steps up to bat.

This was a good ensemble Eureka episode in that everyone plays a part in some way, shape or form. Still, Carter was the main focus of the episode and Colin Ferguson did a great job. Best scenes for him was the meeting with Zane in the woods after Zane whacks him or setting off the bomb in the Astraeus. Another highlight was Joe Morton’s evil Henry when he is holding Grace captive was a nice piece of acting. Very convincing and very very scary. Lastly, Neil Grayston had some great funny moments, but his last scene where Fargo is grieving was so good it was pulling at my heartstrings.

Carter enters the Matrix, then breaks it

In Dreamland, Zane sees a glitch that makes his suspicious of what’s going on and his captors decide to have Dreamland Carter “retire” him. Moments before Dreamland Carter catches Zane he is replaced by the real Carter, who is connected to Dreamland from a link in Henry’s garage. After a few moments of Zane beating him with a tree branch, Carter convinces him that he’s here to help. Together they gather Allison, Fargo, and Grace and set off a bomb on the Astraeus ship that basically breaks the computer program. As the computer program tries to deal with the explosion, its servers overheat and produce a heat signature that Jo and her security team use to track down the ship the crew is being held on.

I’m glad the writers wrapped up the Dreamland story arc this episode. It was a cool idea in the season premiere, but it started to get stale fast by the third episode and the Matrix jokes were starting to get corny. I think if Eureka had been picked up for a new season this would have been an interesting story line to stretch out into more episodes exploring what Dreamland could do, but alas every moment counts this season so we only get a three episode arc. I did like that there was a return of the funny moments in this episode, Eureka really needs the light stuff to balance out the heavy parts of the story. Overall Terri Burton and Ron Milbauer did a great job writing this episode and deserve all the kudos they get for it.

There’s no place like Eureka, there’s no place like Eureka, there’s no place like Eureka…

As the Astraeus crew awaits rescue, the computer simulation starts to break down around them. Jo’s team arrives in time to save the crew, but Carter can’t leave since Senator Wen has brought soldiers to Henry’s garage and is trying to arrest Beverly. Thanks to quick thinking from Henry (and a small consussion bomb he apparently carries for these situations) the soldiers and Wen are immobilized and Beverly brings Carter out of Dreamland at the last moment. Of course Beverly and Wen escape, but Carter and the rest of the crew are more focused on getting reacquainted, and, in Fargo’s case, dealing with the loss of a loved one. The final scene is pure poetic justice, Beverly traps Wen in a virtual copy of Carter’s office with no way out.

The good news is that when one arc ends, the seeds of a new story arc are planted. In this case I think we will see more about how Fargo deals with the Holly’s death. I’m wondering if the writers will take Fargo into a dark place, but it’s hard to see his character being evil (okay maybe an overbearing boss, but not evil scientist). There’s also the Zane/Jo relationship, which now seems to be ripe for a restart. I also think this isn’t the last we saw of Beverly (or Senator Wen for that matter), I’m sure we’ll see her again by the end of the show.

My Favorite Parts from “Force Quit”:

– “You’re a catch. There are lots of eccentric genius who would love to have a shot at you. Some of them are even women.” – Dreamland Carter giving relationship advice to Fargo
– “Blowing stuff up is something I can do.” – Carter
– “No computer could come up with anything that incoherent.” – Zane to Carter
– “Guys! Were trapped in the Matri.x” – Fargo
– “We really broke the matrix.” – Carter
– “Love it when you call me Jack.” – Carter to Allison

What did you think of “Force Quit”? Is Beverly someone we can trust now or is she always a bad guy? What do you think Fargo will do now that Holly is gone? Do you think the Zane/Jo relationship is ready for liftoff (again)? Look forward to your thoughts in the comments section.

Next week’s Eureka features great balls of fire! Seriously, they are on the loose and Carter needs to control them before they burn down the house (or the entire town for that manner). The next episode of Eureka, “Friendly Fire”, airs next Monday, May 7 at 9 PM on SyFy, make sure you watch it!