The Big C “Family Matters” Season 3 Episode 4

The Big C "Family Matters" Season 3 Episode 4 (5)
The Big C “Family Matters” Season 3 Episode 4 airs Sunday April 29 at 9:30pm on Showtime.

Episode Synopsis: The Big C “Family Matters” Season 3 Episode 4 – Cathy focuses on her new personal pursuit while Adam and Andrea each cope with her new direction in their own ways; Sean meets Willy, the former owner of his sex line business.

Show Summary: Laura Linney is back in her Golden Globe® winning role as Cathy Jamison for a new season of THE BIG C, the hit Showtime Original Series about living… with cancer. Season two saw Cathy trying to cram half a life into the little time she has left while fighting with everything she’s got in an experimental drug trial, only to have her husband Paul suffer a massive heart attack. Now Cathy appears to be on the mend. Her tumors have continued to shrink, and her doctor is no longer talking about “when,” but “if.” She’s been given a major do-over, and it’s finally time for her to kick up her heels and have some fun in this bold, heartfelt and surprising comedy.

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