The Big C “Family Matters” Review

The Big C "Family Matters" Season 3 Episode 4 (7)

I’m glad that someone final said it. Shoutout to Adam for saying what we’re all thinking while watching The Big C so far this season. I raised my fist in solidarity when he announced “Can’t we go a week without something crazy happening?” after being confronted with the potential adoption news. I appreciate Adam’s continued maturity as his parents devolve into trouble-making teenagers. That being said, my boy really needs to get away from that crazy girl. A little word of advice to my fellas out there: If a girl insists that you run out into traffic to show you that God is protecting you and then proposes anal sex, it’s probably best to call it a night and send her on her way. Again, that’s only my two cents.

Susan Sarandon was back again as the resident Joyologist. Her return this week was the catalyst that allowed Paul to share his story with a larger audience. Oliver Platt’s work in this scene was really impressive. The emotional tune of the show had been off since the start of the audience. For one scene, for a few moments, they got it back. In addition to Paul, Cathy has a really nice girl talk with Joy in the bathroom. Despite openly panning everything Joy has to offer, Cathy decides that the girl talk combined with a friendly mouth kiss makes Joy’s advice worth her time.

Paul’s blog continues its growth. After speaking at Joy’s function, Paul gets several more new readers to his blog. However, it served a wholly different function this week. While Paul takes a long shower, Cathy decides to put out there that they are looking to adopt. Naturally, someone responds with an offer to answer their prayers for another child. The crazy train rolls on.

(For the record, I am mildly irritated by the fact that Paul seems to have a far more successful blog than I do. Who cares about the light, I write about TV, people!)

What did you guys think of this week’s edition of The Big C? What are your thoughts on the season now that we have reached the halfway point.

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