Nurse Jackie “Slow Growing Monsters” Review

Nurse Jackie Season 4 Episode 4 "Slow Growing Monsters" (4)

After leaving rehab far earlier than prescribed last week, this week gave us our first look at Jackie back full-time at the hospital. While the episode had its entertaining spots, we got very little in the way of character development. Given that we only get 10 30-minute episodes, it’s kind of disappointing to see one episode that was essentially filler.

One positive step forward was the continued growth we see in the Mike Cruz character. Bobby Canavale has been very effective since the beginning of the season, but the last few episodes have set him up for some deeper, richer storylines coming soon. He’s the perfect foil for Jackie, and he may ultimately be the biggest test to her sobriety. If she can’t play by his rules, a quick backslide will soon follow. What we learned about him this week was that Jackie’s rehab buddy Charlie is Cruz’s son. Obviously, rehab didn’t help him a great deal since he was back using drugs within a week of leaving. It should be interesting to see how Cruz comes to the revelation that Jackie went to rehab with his son and to see how he handles his son using drugs once again.

While Cruz hasn’t found out about Jackie’s rehab stint yet, the rest of the Peytons found out the details this week. After an enlightening trip to Dr. Google, Jackie’s perpetually-depressing daughter Gracie figured out her mommy wasn’t going through some advanced nurse training. Jackie is overbearing, pops pills, and is a pathological liar, but her daughter is a real downer. For some reason, the show has yet to make me feel bad for Grace. I know I am supposed to feel bad for her, but I haven’t gotten there yet.

Not a whole lot went on this week. Kevin is now gunning to keep the girls away from Jackie, but I’m betting that’s not going to work out. What did you guys think? Sound off in the comments below.

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