In Plain Sight “Sacrificial Lam” Review

The penultimate episode of In Plain Sight began with a lot of loose ends to tie up for its central characters. Mary clearly got her street smarts from her father as he smartly gave away the necklace with the tracking device. With the revelation that James Shannon’s cancer was terminal, I knew that he was on a kamikaze mission to make amends and ensure his family’s safety that would end in death before defeat.

Although these final episodes of In Plain Sight have been nothing short of amazing, I really wish that they were free of Agent O’Conner. As I went to look up O’Conner’s name, I made a surprising discovery about Agent O’Conner. He is portrayed by Will McCormack, younger brother to Mary McCormack. I can’t believe that after watching every episode of every season of In Plain Sight, I’m just learning this! Ha! His presence in the final episodes makes sense. I would want my loved ones to help me close out the series. I also did not realize that Fred Weller/Marshall Mann is married to Ali Marsh who plays the shrink that Mary loves to antagonize. Marsh, in fact, will be on the series finale next week. Truly a family affair. How sweet.

Did Mary call Marshall kitty cat? Things continued to get more awkward between Abigail and Marshall. I want Marshall and Mary together but I cannot deny that Abigail really does get Marshall. She gets his obscure references and sincerely laughs at his jokes. Despite their compatibility, Marshall protected Mary from flying bullets last season and this week, he ditched his party with Abigail to rush to Mary’s side. You didn’t see Stan leaving Tia Carrere behind, did you? By the look on Abigail’s face, she’s done turning a blind eye and I’m sure a heart-to-heart with Marshall is imminent. I’m still not convinced that this will all end with Abigail out of the picture to clear the way for Marshall and Mary. I’m not sure that In Plain Sight is necessarily the show for happy endings.

I can’t imagine how Mary felt about losing her father. It was not going to end well for James Shannon but I I’m sure Mary feels some twinges of guilt about unintentionally walking into such a dangerous situation. Despite his peace with sacrificing his life, I was still touched and saddened by James Shannon’s death. I was heartbroken when Mary returned to the hospital to an empty, bloodied bed. I don’t know what will become of Marshall and Mary but I was really glad that he was there for her at that moment.

One episode left! Place your final bets! After losing her father so tragically, shouldn’t Mary get to walk away with Marshall as an awesome consolation?

  • Quiltingmom329

    I still can not believe they are taking this show off the air.Sometimes I wonder who gets the big bucks and decides these things.If they really WATCHED this show,it would not be taken off.

    • I find it disappointing too but I suppose nothing lasts forever.  What frustrates me most is that the final season is so short.  IPS usually has between 13-15 episodes this season and the final season only has 8.  The writers were forced to cover a ton of ground in a very short amount of time.  That leads me to believe that we won’t see a formal ending this week.  We’ll get just enough to give us closure on the major issues.  I just really need Marshall and Mary to be together and to be left with the suggestion that they will be together.  Come on writers!

      I think IPS would be a great fit for an occasional movie of the week feature.  I think they most recently did it for NCIS – a show that doesn’t even originally air on USA.  It would be nice to do a movie every now and then to see where everyone is and watch them overcome danger to protect a witness.  Oh well, wishful thinking.  I’m glad that they’re still allowing some of the other shows to enjoy a long life cycle.  I think Psych may be the longest running show now and I don’t want to hear anything about a final season of that show in the near future.  That would probably be it for me and USA as I have not really loved the new shows.  Love Burn Notice too but I’m not sure how much more trouble Sam, Mike and Fi can take.