The Finder “The Inheritance” Review

For a man who claims not to find murderers, Walter sure has been responsible for capturing a fair number of them. In this week’s episode of The Finder, “The Inheritance,” a sweet friend of Isabel’s asks Walter to find her father’s killer, but Walter (being Walter) is only interested in finding the woman’s inheritance.

I’m staring to wonder if some of these episodes are shown out of order because Walter and Isabel’s relationship spikes and falls like crazy. One day they’re sleeping together; the next she just disappears. I’ve always loved the fact that there’s none of the oh-so-cliched UST (unresolved sexual tension) between them, but I wouldn’t mind a little more consistency in their relationship.

Meanwhile, I still love the dynamic between Walter and Leo and Willa, especially the latter two. He wants so much to be a father to someone, having lost his own daughter, but although I think Willa is wearing down, she’s still not quite ready to let him be that for her. But his influence is changing her. The former delinquent wants to go to college. (Yay for a shout-out to Florida State!!) But will the infamous Uncle Shad let her?

I want to say more about the case, but the only really noteworthy part of it were the beautiful horses and the evil looking cobra whose venom was somehow used to influence the outcome of the races. I think it all made sense, and eventually Walter found the dead man’s winning betting slip which gave his daughter a $200,000 dollar inheritance, but honestly it lost me a bit after Isabel shot the head off the cobra. Although seeing Walter paralyzed from the venom was priceless. He is an amazing physical comedian.

It’s hard to say if the show is hitting it’s stride. I think without such a strong lead it would have flopped awhile ago, but what I keep loving is the camaraderie between these characters. They are what makes the show, more so than the stories.

What did you think of the episode? Let me know below!